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    Thanks for your feedback!


    I know xD

  • Here is last weeks vid for a game I'm making for my daughter. Originally called Maddi and Daddy save Mommy and the World - Go!Go! Maddi! Screamed 90's console title from Japan :) All of the game will mimic other games but not look the same - art is 100% done by me - the fonts I borrowed from capcom. The music is placeholder stuff I snagged from youtube for now. This would be Level 1 Stage 2 "Daddy's Nightmare Land". So this level is very heavliy influenced by Ghouls and Ghosts, Willow and a few other capcom titles.

    There is a 3rd stage which contains a boss - this video is actually missing a ton of changes I did to AI and gfx this week. There is a cave at the end, ghosts are redrawn. The bats dont spasm around. And you can be hurt now. I'll post a new video over the weekend.

    The title screen is obviously a throw back to sonic minus the animation of my daughter popping up from within the logo. Sonic music for both levels - I'm not doing my own music until the very end.

    The bubble you shoot wont be half as big as it is now - that's just to make going through the level a hell of a lot easier. Oh yeah - attack patterns are entirely different now too - a lot changes in a week LOL!!

    ANYHOW - here's the link :)


  • Heres the updated video - Skip to 4:00 for the new stage I started last night. Enjoy the lighting of the torch!!


  • Heres the updated video - Skip to 4:00 for the new stage I started last night. Enjoy the lighting of the torch!!


    Words fail me to express how awesome this game is

  • Thanks, 7Soul! I'm going to release the whole first Level (3 stages and boss fight) on the forum when it's done as an exe. I'm hoping to have the random enemy goodie bag drops in with at least one alternative weapon to pick up.

    Any suggestions to what I've done so far? Or even what you think would be cool? There is quite a bit of undeveloped stuff I haven't coded, drawn or even decided on yet. I have a ton down on paper for the first level alone. 2 more enemies for the cave and a boss. The ghosts attack pattern isn't finished (he's supposed to hover up and down as he moves).

    There is also a weapons system that I haven't even started on yet that will be selectable using a third button. You collect the first weapon upon completing the first boss fight.

    The only complaint I've had so far is the burping sound being repetative. The weapon has changed 3 times already in 6 weeks! My daughter laughs at the burp thats why it's there. I can either randomize the burp sound or change it to like a bubble bobble style "poink" noise...

    Thanks for watching the video too!!!


  • damainman Ah that is awesome =D I think the Bubble Bobble style burping would sound better, less of a sharp noise.

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  • Jayjay - Thanks!! Yeah - I'm agreeing with that. But, I was thinking maybe instead of cutting the burp all together maybe have it randomly play instead of the Bubble Bobble style noise all the time. Keeps the funny effect and takes out the repetative/obnoxious sound. I think I'll do an altered animation for blowing bubbles.

    Also - while my daughter was watching the game/video every time she saw a spider she started blowing at it like crazy (it's what she does to get rid of spiders in real life) So I was thinking of making that an attack too. Then I though what if she does that while she's carrying that torch in the cave? Roasted spiders :D

    Thanks for the input!!!

  • Hi damainman, your game looks great, but something lacking and i know this is on working in progress, add some challenging stuff, e.g. enemies should try to avoid bubbles, bubbles should waste, and so on, that little stuff make the game more challenging...

    Great Game!...

    'Go Go maddi' nice name...


    PD: sorry for my english...

  • Hey Yaottabyte! Thanks for the feed back! Fraps was the problem for making the game look too easy. When it was recording it slowed the framerate down to 30fps when writing to the hard drive. So I was able to dodge and weave where very few humans would have been able to. I think there is one point in the video where spider spit was right in front of me and I got out of the way LOL!

    Anyhow thanks for the suggestions - this is all stuff that will be in my next game which is going to be targeting hardcore/arcade gamers.

    This one is meant for young kids/casual gamers/a quick fix. It's actually already too hard in that sense. The cave level which I was working on for a couple hours last night now has moving platforms with spiders shooting at you, which may be a bit too much for a younger gamer (I'm talking under the age of 10). In the forest I need to tone down the barage of enemys that attack at once - it's over kill for a casual gamer.

    But dont worry even if it doesn't have AI in it I'll be making a difficulty setting - Right now everything dies with one hit. If I made the bats or ghosts die in more than one hit (especially the bats - you have to be ready for them as it is now) it'll take the difficulty way up. Also in the cave the zombies drop down from the top, and now you cant hit them when they are in their "jump" animation frame. So you either stop or you get hurt and there is almost zero time to react.

    But yeah - you will see AI in my next game (and the bosses in this game to some extent). But I don't want to make it too challenging as it will take the fun out of it for the younger kids!

    Thanks for the feedback again! And I understood your english perfectly :D


  • How about adding a story or some dialogue?

  • That is coming too - some sampled speech but mostly text! That stuff will come last. The intro, first level stuff is already drawn out and written. As well as the end boss fight, and outro scene. Maddis dream levels are just written out ideas, mommys levels are up to her and the final level is written out without image detail. Its all scary stuff with the dream master boss at the end.

    One cut scene will show Maddi letting out a special move and pans back showing a crumbling building. It should be pretty funny once its animated with sound.

    Another smaller example of just dialog will be the opening of every stage - like the cave. There will be eyes walking in the dark looking around and then me saying I cant see a thing - followed by the fart and the torch lighting - it will have Maddi giggling as well.

    Thatks for the suggestion!!! Its definetly happening!!!

  • I like it! Only thing that really bothered me visually was the pixellation of the enlarged bats (after they're hit).

    Personally, this would be a really ideal daddy nightmare land to inhabit... unfortunately mine is populated with clueless program managers, mid-level supervisors carrying pink slips, and educators who've checked out but never leave.

  • LOL! This isn't really a nightmare for me... But for a kid it suits the bill.

    I'm already at the point where I hate the bats and the ghosts...regardless of the fact that I've remade the ghosts 3 times since I started. Bats are going to be entirely redrawn with bigger cartoonier features.

    Everything pixilates when it dies though. I do the ol' Konami sprite zoom as the bounce off screen. Kinda to simulate the old hardware. But the bat just sucks so he's getting a revamp. I've got bouncing skeletons' standing animation finished for the cave. Spider had eye surgery to be bigger. The cave level is about 60% finished. Things like the boss, the falling stones... something to jump over on the slimey slides...

    I think Maddi is going to blow fire through the torch instead of bubbles for the cave level.

    Next video is going to have it's own thread... dont need to hijack the video thread anymore :)


  • Hi everyone, been a long time since i've posted anything, but i'm still alive. And if anyone remembers me, boot wizard is pretty much dead due to horrible code and design, it didn't really made any sense at all.

    Buuuuuuuut, i've got a little thing to show, not sure it really counts as videos, but heres some pieces of what i have for now.

    <img src="" border="0" />

    <img src="" border="0" />

    <img src="" border="0" />

    <img src="" border="0" />

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    New trailer for Blight!

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