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  • [TUBE]-UJlk0_nXVY[/TUBE]

    It is awesome!

  • ...

    That looks slick! Reminds me of the good old days of super nintendo :)

    lucid: Indeed it's planned to be a commercial relase. I've been tinkering around with it since a couple of years now, time to reap the rewards! ;)

  • Just a prototype, but some of basic game mechanics are showen:


  • Tokinsom I would like to play your game! It's incredible!

  • runs much smoother when I'm not screenrecording:

    watch in Original or 1080p please if your PC and Bandwidth can handle it:

  • [TUBE]ESg-GAmY8bQ[/TUBE]

  • Tylerkitano, that looks great!

  • At least the game is some complete to show something...

    Still a lot to do, this is simply a piece of big puzzle, i'm alone in this and working hard to complete it. Thank for watching!

    Well, this is the first video about my 2 years-old Construct Classic proyect, "Deep Space: Awakening of war".

    This is a scifi 'massive' topview RTS.

    Humans fight for last habitable planet and Evox for the chance to acquire the perfect genetic from humankind, Technocrats are lost into the void of space and nobody knows when they strike back. Finally an ancient race waits to strike back in safety of universe, all is ready for the awakening of war...

    Fight side by side with the commander Richard Fox and Human Space Army, or join the swarm and conquest the human genetic for the Great Conscious, or may be, listen to the call of the Ancient Dragon and defend the cosmos united with your blood brothers, the Nogaris.

    Note: video looks some slow because my screen recorder... I espect you like it.



  • Yaottabyte, looks pretty good. Background needs more variety, though.

  • thanks Gelidaer, well just yesterday i added a nice starfield, coming soon more vids... upon complete another factions...

  • Gameplay trailer for Sunkin's Wrath. You can watch it on

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  • Pretty nice, but a few more frames for certain animations can help. What is the player supposed to be? A star?

  • I know, but I was too lazy to draw<img src="smileys/smiley17.gif" border="0" align="middle" />. He is the son of the sun - one of the Sunkin.

  • It looks good, wolod! It's easy to tell you put a lot of work into the levels and making something full-featured. I agree that some more frames of animation in most places could go a long way, but great work regardless.

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  • Great trailer Wolod! Music is also good. Looks so easy, when you see the trailer, but I died so often -_-' xD

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