Post screenshots of what you're working on!!

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  • Damn you productive sods! Some nice looking shiz here...

  • Hello, guys!

    My name is Humberto, I'm from Chile, and I discovered Construct some months ago.

    I've allways trying to make a game, and I've tried different programs, but it's allways a lot of effort.

    But this wonderful piece of software makes things so easy that when I started trying it out, I couldn't stop pushing forward.

    As a result, I came up with this game, still in progress, but going very well.

    Retro style, but taking some liberties if I see fit.

    I hope to put a demo soon.

    To the Construct Dev team: You guys rock!

    the game is basically an action platformer.

    The player is a guy with a lance capable of replicate the shots of the enemies.

    there are three enemies at the moment, but they need some work on their behaviors. I'll add two or three more.

    Mechanics implemented: powerups, shield, hiding ability, walljump, elevators, and some more to come...

    wow! absolutely awesome, quite retro. Im from Chile as well, lad, ye from santiago?


  • Hi

    I work in Santiago, but I'm from Quilpue. Good to know a fellow chilean in this forum. (and from the same region!)

    One more week and I'll upload a demo. Still a lot of work to be done, but at a good point to get some feedback.


  • "Omskiy Sanitar" is a 2D platformer like "Abuse" or "Frabs" with old school spirit and hardcore gameplay. And yes - it's my first game on Construct.


  • looks pretty and I love the main char

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  • DOOM

    If I hadn't know that there was a skull under that hat I would have said it looks like Slash from GnR.

    Albeit a rather bulky pissed off one. Also I must admit the weapon does lend a bit to that as well.

    Kudos on the concept.

  • If I hadn't know that there was a skull under that hat I would have said it looks like Slash from GnR


  • <3 thats nice

  • <img src="">

    This is a screenshot of a game I am making called "Cessation" It's about life and death. This is the first stage of life, on this stage you play a baby, on each stage you must survive 5 days. Although there is no enemies there are ways to die and things that can affect your feature when you go through the next stages of life. (The stages of life are: infancy, childhood, teenage years, young adult, middle-age, and senior citizen.)

    <img src="">

  • Screenshots from my other game "Thunderdome"

    <img src="">

    <img src="">

  • Screenshots from my other game "Thunderdome"

    <img src="">

    <img src="">

    That font makes me want to gouge my eyes out.

  • Please don't hotlink images from other sites. Use a dedicated image host like flikr or tinypic or something, or use dropbox, or your own hosting.


  • <img src="">

    (Ignore that box and white thing there.)

    Here's a game I was working on before I took a break and made 'Death Kid Robot'.

  • Screenshot of the menu of my "Welcome to the Wasteland" Game. The menu choices move and there are 5 pictures the main menu cycles through.

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    <img src="">

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