Post screenshots of what you're working on!!

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  • Too many great artists.

  • Haha, yeah, there are a couple of silhouette-style games out there now. Limbo has definitely influenced me, even though it never was finished. Patapon also was a nice experience. And then there's a shortfilm called Jasper Morello which just blew me away.

    I'll try to give the whole thing my own twist though. The main idea was to come up with something where a simple plate could be created in under 10 minutes (the woods plate I posted didn't even take 5 minutes for the pure creation part) and where I could implement 3d elements without having to go through the whole production pipeline (fixing UVs, texturing, etc.) - so you could create animated 3d elements in a very, very short amount of time.

    The beauty of the whole thing is that I can simply concept everything in photoshop, create some dynamics like animated grass in Maya (even though the sprite editor is still really cumbersome when it comes to importing animation frames, hope the next version is better in that regard) and simply layout everything in Construct where I can still play around with layers and parallax scrolling and so on, to give the level compositions way more depth and believability.

    After working for quite a bit of time in 3d, I SO love this workflow, it really helps staying focused on what's really important, you can make changes really quickly, etc. - it's just freaking awesome.

    I uploaded an early composition test I did two weeks ago here:

    Move around with the arrow keys, jump with Z, Tab to go to the next layout.

    Keep in mind that the style wasn't yet fully worked out, so it looks a bit clunky. Still, I do intend of using simple brush strokes to suggest environmental elements. It's almost like you can storyboard a game while the engine is simple enough to create the game while you're going. Lovin' it!

    Oh, and I temporarily used tracks from the Princess Mononoke Soundtrack to set the mood

  • thomasmahlerctt@i've got like 5fps with your conruption_01 game :<

  • Really? It's super smooth for me. I have motion blur set to 10x for this, maybe that's the problem? I could imagine that some older gpus have trouble with that.

  • My onboard laptop GPU runs it okayish.

  • Oh my word.

    Thank you for showing me limbo. that looks insane!

  • Your corrupted demo runs like poo poo on my laptop (512mb GF 8400M), but I'm sure it will run sweet on my main rig.

    Also, Limbo looks freakin' sick! Why was this never released? It looks like there has been so much work in it already...


  • limbo is very nice

  • Argh, motion blur

    I get like 5fps as well. Bleah. At least the screenshots look pretty.

  • I post a version without moBlur later on - It's weird that its so slow for you guys, I don't have the slightest lag, would be interesting to see if it's just the moBlur.

  • Ive got laptop:

    2gigs ram

    centrino duo 1.8 ghz

    geforce 7300 go 256vram dedicated + 258vram shared

    ps 3.0

    i have no idea have i got montion blur or not, but probubly not ( i mean i can see it working but slows the whole thinge drasticly)

  • Alright, can you guys simply re-download it and tell me if it's faster now? I turned off the motion blur, turned on the 'Run without PS' option and fixed that freaking scrolling bug in the second layout (the player model was set to the background layer and not to the base layer).

    I don't have an older machine at hand right now, would be interesting to know if it's just the motion blur that kills the performance or if there's something else at work. I also capped the res at 720p now.

    Edit: Oops, I'm totally hi-jacking this thread. I should probably open up my own, so we don't fill up this one

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  • It runs a lot better now. It's still choppy as hell, and not really playable, but at least can see the movement. The huge images and huge window are adding a lot to the fps loss on my machine. I don't know if you have any other shader effects on (I can't see anything that you would need them for) but that would contribute as well.

    But hey, if you're making this for the high-res, high-end graphics card crowd then go for it.

  • seems to run fine for me, framerate-wise, but that block jumps around sometimes very oddly

  • I tried the motion blur version and it was pretty slow, around 10 fps maybe? I also noticed the block stuttering as it moved, too. Seemed like a time delta thing.

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