Post screenshots of what you're working on!!

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  • I'm making a very hard game...

  • Hello! I am new to C2 and game dev in general. I have no experience whatsoever as an artist or programmer, just a driven passion for videogames. Allthough I have some graphic design background (corporate id, logos, etc.).

    I work full time 6 days a week and I live with my girlfriend so my time to learn is limited. I try to make the best out of it.

    As a learning experience I figured making my own characters will be extra work so I did an inspired league of legends platformer I am working on. Right now is a very early prototype with a few mechanics threw in there and some AI.

    Made all the sprites myself using graphicsgale and did the tilemap in photoshop. Background is just a filler from google.

  • That's really looking cool CrudeMik

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  • click the image to view the Launch trailer

  • That's really looking cool CrudeMik


  • Working on my rogue-like platformer game to release the demo for you!

    [Note that a lot of the things might be placeholders and they are likely to change]

    Currently prototyping the first mini-boss, the geysers graphics aren't finished yet, but if you have any idea for the mini-boss sprite feel free to write that down, if I use the idea I guarantee that you will be included in the credits.

    Added altars which you can collect special abilities from!

    Implemented first of the 3 shops that will be available in the game. You can boost your base stats there.

    Thats how the shop looks for now.

    There is still much, much stuff to do but I am excited about the fact that I can finally release the demo for you guys to check it out and receive some feedback!

  • Anyone know where this quote comes from? <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_biggrin.gif" alt=":D" title="Very Happy">

    https://halfgeekstudios.files.wordpress ... coms-1.jpg

    Get some Krakenyaki!

    https://halfgeekstudios.files.wordpress ... coms-3.jpg

  • Hi,

    I've completed IX and now I am creating IX 2. A better improvement from the previous game. Currently still very early stage of development. I've provided a video and images for you to view and give me any supporting and negative feedback on how to improve the game or suggestion.


    Neil Gomes

  • Here's my construct project, having a guy making music and one who has recently started making art. The game is a Space Shooter RPG Roguelike.

    Still a long way to go.

    You have a big variety of different weapons. Here's a special attack, using the Cat Whip. (It's cat... ripped in half that you whip with...)

  • Hi guys! We are proud to announce MAMA - The Video Game, the first game by KnightStudio a French Indie Game Company.


  • Getting ready for a demo of Frenzied Dungeon, and (ideally) a release not too long after. Hope some people here will help test it out. Would love some input.

    I also made some sweet chiptune music for it, and uploaded 2 tracks to bandcamp now, let me know what you think![/code:qpowy78v]
    (Someday soon I'll be able to post urls... haha     )
  • ► Mockups for a new stage in Copy Girl

  • Wow, nito! This game looks quite polished! Well done.

    Thanks! That was actually just a week of work, but right now I’m close to the end of development and will soon release the full game. Thanks again for the kind words

  • There's some really impressive stuff being made these days!

    Here's a shot from the cave town in Courier:

  • There's some really impressive stuff being made these days!

    Here's a shot from the cave town in Courier:

    Looking atmospheric! Any ETA on when you'll put it on Steam? EA?

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