Post screenshots of what you're working on!!

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  • Working on a spaceship pack for store, what else should I add before releasing it?

    I have more things outside this preview and I made 4 colour sets for the parts.

  • Ominous Entity

    This is one of the "ability´s" i wanna implement into the game.

    Web Field

    Ensnare enemy´s and launches spider drones, that will explode upon impact.

    If you feel like it - follow the project here.

  • I heard a good way to learn how to program was to try and copy one of your favourite games so I started, but trying to recreate the classic 1990 arcade game by SNK Prehistoric Isle well, I have been doing that for the last 2 weeks, then I got bored and figured why don't I make this a sequel set in ww2 where the Nazis are trying to take over the island

  • Working on a new challenge level. Turned out surprisingly smooth.

  • spongehammer Thanks!

    That looks awesome.

  • That looks awesome.

    Thanks dude

  • made it happen by;

      -> 1 animated sprite with 10 frames
      -> Sine value for left/right movement + opacity + scale
      -> lerps timescale to 0 when [space] is down

    suggestions for improvements?

  • my first game working strictly at 4:3 resolution

    "Sketching" out a game while still working on my bigger project

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  • 2015-07-04 Update


    So basically I've been working on fixing game's flaws and expanding its content this week. The game should be playable really, really soon and that's when

    I'm going to upload it here and wait for your feedback.

    What's new:

    -More background details

    -Collecting money from chests

    -Money counter

    -Added switching through rooms

    -Im working on the third enemy that's going to be called The Unholy Knave, not finished yet. He will be charging fast to you and slash really fast as well (it will be possible to avoid it of course), he might also have some platform abilities like jumping etc. I need to tweak

    -Fixed some minor bugs

    .gifs below (sorry for the visible cursor in the first one):

    I also added HUB room, but I'm not to show it yet since everything is made of placeholders. There are going to be 3 types of shops and during the run

    you will also have opportunity to collect different items that assist you as long as you're alive.

    Feel free to ask anything about the game if you are interested and give me some feedback about what you (don't) like, I'd appreciate it!

  • I just finished this concept drawing for one of the race, i wanna make in my space sim/rts game.

    The Swarm


    Hope you like it, if so - comment

  • I like that logo of yours - I would suggest that you slow down its "run" speed, its a bit crazy.

  • Looks Great! This inspires me even more to start on my own project! How long has this taken you all in all?

  • I'd like to invite everyone to post screenshots of whatever projects they're working on. This thread isn't meant to discourage anyone from making a new thread dedicated to their own project -- but if you're working on something and just want to share/pimp it easily, this can be the perfect place to do so (even if you have your own thread)

    If you need a place to host your images to, is a great option.

    (i'll be contributing later -- I don't want to take any focus as the OP, as this thread is intended for everyone's benefit)

    Pimp away

    I don't have a strong enough XP rank on my profile to post pics yet so I guess I'll have to wait. :S

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