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  • https://www.scirra.com/arcade/puzzle-ga ... de-dhi-977

    This is the beginning of a idea that I have. This game would have 2 modes:

    Zen mode:

    It's like a flappy bird but with a goat.

    History Mode:

    It would be 5 worlds each world with 5 levels that you have to reach the end to the soul of Dhi the goat goes to the Goat's paradise. Would be something like flappy bird but with some obstacles and other stuff. For example buttons to open the door to continue or 3 doors but only one it's real and a boss per world.

    This link in the post is a very starting version, i pretend to add on this:


    History Mode

    More beatiful Graphics (when I find a designer to do it)

    Mobile Version

    another laguages (English, French)

    Any ideas or feedbacks are accepted!!!

    Update 0.0.2


    Twitter share button on zen mode

    Level 1 of World 1 of history mode

    Update 0.0.3


    Bug on the 1 level of 1 world

    Next Update:

    Level 2 and 3 of world 1

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