Poll facebook or google play/g+ leaderboards?

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  • Hello World,

    I'd like to pick your minds please. So answer the poll please, and olso reply with why you chose what you chose, any pros/cons?

    Thank you.

    Which do you preffer in the android games you play, a facebook leaderboard or a google play/g+ one?

    a. Facebook leaderboards.

    b. Google play leaderboards.

  • Each requires its userbase to log in ...

    Kinda odd if you would only have a leaderboard on facebook apps for google's .. and vice versa ...

    I got a couple games where I use both, and if logged in to both at the same time, have them submit scores to both leaderboards

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  • Yeah, I was thinking about that myself, as I've gotten mix responses on all the forums where I asked.

  • In all honesty, while I do like the Google Play set up, I'd prefer to have my own central leaderboard for each game, rather than having to sign into a 3rd-party leaderboard that not everyone may have - not everyone has a Facebook or a Google account...or both.

  • Well, sadly those that have neighter will have to create an account. I've decided to integrate both of them from now on.

    Thank you guys.

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