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  • Good evening, this is my first topic and i want to show my attempt to .. hm .. "reproduce" pokemon go.

    (Obviously is just a test)

    The big question here is: Do you think it is possible an app like Pokemon Go be created in C2?

    U Can play te demo HERE: 1estagio.com/PokemonGo

  • Black screen only for me....Android phone (Sony Xperia)

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  • XandFernandes

    Nice graphics, are you using the mode7 plugin for the floors?

  • I'm interested in this too. I have a different game in mind to ultimately build, but I figure if I can rebuild PoGo I'll learn a lot about what needs to be done for mine. Any thoughts on getting an accurate Geolocation map?

  • NetOne

    Just on pc bro


    Yes, mode7 is awesome


    I really think it's possible , I want to make a game based on the PoGo based system but different

    About geolocation , I was testing Google Maps for map and street view for the " AR " , but did not get much. this is an obstacle

  • Rex has a google maps implementation that would work for this.

    I checked a while back with it, gps, and mode 7 it's doable.

    It would be pretty complicated to do a whole game.

    I would suggest some sort of helper app like a pokey stoplist or the like.

  • i would be interested too. I am sure I am able to do an app like this..in 2D at least..ima give it a try. We should group up?

  • I think it would work, espeshaly because of the google maps.

  • XandFernandes - Have you found a way to make a sprite overlap the camera screen? Like the AR Mode?

    Here is my topic:

    Sadly no response...

  • I keep trying. haha


    It's a great idea, but if the own game map shows the pokestops and gymnasiums, because another app?

    Reproduce the maximum similar to the PoGo is really a challenge.

    Rex googlemap I've looked and can be useful.


    I think if we keep the ideas and testings here this topic can be well organized and easy

    I was working on it yesterday, I put an idea into practice but did not get much success, see ..

    I Used the QR Code Decoder of Pode to read and create 3D sprites on the screen, so when the camera find the code for each pokemon the sprite be activated. also thought about use the OBJ file loader puglin for 3D models

    But there are problems hahaha qr code does func if the QR code is far, crooked, little visible or rotated, and would not make logic go out placing QR codes everywhere and Webcam c2 is not the phone's camera.

    so I thought about use the street view from Google Maps to make a 360 panorama with the street view and the model 3d above. what u think?


    sorry for this english. ;D

  • XandFernandes - I think QR Code scanners & Webcam would be impractical but nice try though. If only we could modify it to be available with a phone's back camera & be able to replace the QR codes positioning with the gyroscope orientation & GPS.

    I am very interested to know the result of your experiment's completion.


    Since my post here received a helpful reply

  • Really really cool stuff! Love seeing all the cool stuff people are able to achieve with C2, especially when it's so different and unique like this! Keep it up!

  • They deal with how to get downloadpokemongoapp.com Pokemon Go app, how to play the game, and how to fix errors on your game.

  • Amazing project! With it all of us can learn how to make geolocalization/AR games. Whats your country?

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