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    Tonight I've made a couple important updates to the engine. First of all, loading of Pokedex files has been implemented. GUI has been partially implemented through loading of JSON files (for convenience), NPC's have been added. NPC's can now begin speaking to the player. Aaaand... That's about it. A couple more updates and I'll just share it here on Scirra. I want to have all the basics implemented, or else it can't really be called a Pokemon Fan Game Engine.

    Well, I'm unsure of whether anyone has done this yet, but I haven't seen anything yet, so I decided to do it myself. First, I would like to explain that this is going to be more of a toolkit for a Pokemon game, than an actual fan game. Hence it being a Fan Game Engine. Almost all things will be controlled through Functions that will be set up to call events that would happen in Pokemon. I'd also like to note that although I will be explaining every function I create, I don't plan on writing any tutorials or explaining how it works. When the website is online, you'll be able to download the project though, which is well coded. So far the project isn't at a good state for playing, I plan on finishing the pokedex, dialogue, and battle systems before posting it at all. (That would be in about a week or two, considering the progress on said things that I've already made.) So, now I'll list the engines current features:

      JSON based Pokedex
      Full Pokemon menu system, including pokedex, bag, save, etc.
      Pokemon turn based battle system
      Wild pokmon encounters
      And lastly, a dialogue system

    Sorry, but the first release won't have much more than this. After the first release I'll be working on leveling, stats, evolution, etc. and make another release. I'll be posting further information later, but for now, this is more of a placeholder.

    PS. The original post stated that I'm using INI's for the Pokedex, but that was just a stupid mistake I made while writing this. I'm using JSON, and creating a web app for creating a Pokedex, so if you want to make a new one or add Pokemon, all you'll need is that. Basically it's just Base64 and stuff loaded into an array through the use of JSON and AJAX.

  • Awesome This is so cool

  • sounds cool, I'll be interested to see how this goes.

  • I too am interested in how you go about this.

    Actually I am very interested in the dialogue and inventory system, as I want to start learning them in the near future.

  • Hello

    Do you have any updates or a release for this?

    Great work, I'm curious on how it turned out

  • Hello

    Do you have any updates or a release for this?

    Great work, I'm curious on how it turned out

    Actually yeah, sorry for no updates here yet . I was working on a resume project for a game team known as Motiga but they didn't accept it, so I dropped it. And until about a week ago, that's what has been taking up all my time. I'll be returning to this in a bit. Also, there is actually quite a few updates. For instance, the Pokedex is pretty well set up, and I've started working on map loading and saving information too.

    No worries, I'll keep working on this until it's usable, and past that point updates will probably slow down quite a lot.

  • My daughter would kill for this, she really wants to make a pokemon style game!

  • My daughter would kill for this, she really wants to make a pokemon style game!

    Awesome! I'm almost done with my current project, so hopefully it goes well! ^_^ I really wanna get back to this!

  • LOVE IT! !

  • Wow!

    Can't wait!

  • I always liked Pokemon games, I have a 3ds just to play it.

    Cool to see that have someone working in a mechanic like.

    Why do you think in a similar context but using a very large map to make a mmorpg?

    You will have to make your plot and need to be diferent from Pokemon but i will really enjoy something like this.


  • ^_^ There's so much hype for this, I'm almost considering starting a donation pool for it and just jumping back to developing it.

  • Do you have a capx to download? This looks pretty good and I'd love to take a look.

    Also start a Patreon if you're looking for a way for others to support your work.

  • Yes please finish this.

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  • klabundee I'll be adding the ability to enter another player's world in the game, but it won't really be an important part of the mechanics in the game, just something cool players can do.

    StarCS https://www.scirra.com/arcade/rpg-games ... ngine-6003 Sorry for not adding the link in this forum, I'll fix that.

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