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  • Hi !

    I'm working on a point'n click template.

    The goal is to have a ready-to-use template so you just have to write your own dialogues and add your characters and scenes. You'll have a working point'n click with minimal efforts.

    It will feature an inventory, a dialog system with multiple answers choice and a condition system. Some dialogue will be displayed only if the character has done something or has the right object in its inventory.

    You'll be able to choose between two screen transitions: instant or scrolling.

    The late work will be to add a save game system. Currently, I'm finishing the dialog system and I'll begin the character moves as well as transitions between scenes.

    I'll add an action wheel or something like that so you will be able to choose between look, talk, use.

    Here's my early work: http://canapin.com/construct/aventure/03/

    Sorry, dialogs are in French but that's not very important here as sentences are just placeholders.

    • You can click on an object to add it to your inventory.
    • You can click the green character to talk. You'll have an answer choice.
    • You can click the blue character to talk, but he won't say much until you have bread in your inventory. You'll choose between give him the bread or keep it.

    The dialog system is based on the excellent tutorial by Kyatric: tutorial-a-dialog-box-system-using-xml_t150482

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  • Hi, how is the work going? Are you gonna publish the template in Construct Store? I'd buy it as I'd love to make an old school point and click game. Please let me know if there's any progress with the template.


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