Pocket Pirates! - Multiplayer Action Platformer

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  • Pocket Pirates! is an action platformer about fighting your friends and stealing their gold.

    In Pocket Pirates! Up to 4 players fights each other in crazy fast battles across 6 colorful stages. Your goal is to collect more gold coins than your friends, grabbing weapons from treaure chests to help you protect your booty until the end of the match.

    The more you play, the more weapons and stages you unlock. Crazy weapons as the Crab Rider or the Hurdy-Gurdy are hard to get but will made the battles even more fun.

    In Story Mode, you get to play a single player campaign, jumping on the hat of legendary buccaneer Captain Jota Flint, as he sail the seas looking for his missing crew, finding himself trapped in the middle of an unexpected and bigger conflict.

    Pocket Pirates! is the product of over 9 months of work. I have made several web games before, including A Pretty Odd Bunny, which was featured on Gamejolt and Newgrounds. But this will be my first fully fletched PC release. I have worked on it with a single goal in mind: Making a fun little experience for everyone.

    After this time, I think I'm getting close to complete it.

    Main game have:

    + 6 Stages

    + Over 8 weapons to unlock

    + Full gamepad support for local multiplayer action

    and Story Mode have:

    + 11 Chapters

    + A fully fletched story inspired by classic pirate tales and fun sea adventures.

    + 10 quirky Boss fights with individual challenges

    + 2 Mini games

    + And the possibility of more tales starring the rest of the crew.

    Gameplay in Pocket Pirates! has been designed to be fun and fast. I have been a fan of old school nintendo two-players games since I was a child and I wanted to create a love letter to those classics without going the fully retro route on it.

    Pocket Pirates! is not a revolutionary game by any means, it doesn't have outstanding graphics or an unique and addictive gameplay (Well, maybe a little addictive but not the most). Nevertheless, this is a game made for pure love and passion. It is meant to give you a compelling single player experience and also a place to have fun with your friends.

    I hope you find this little adventure interesting and I hope to see you soon with more updates. The goal is to put something playable in your hand in the near future.

    You can watch the trailer here:

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    and some gifs with the newest graphics (Looks a lot better!).

    Game Feature (So far):

    * 6 Stages with individual game-changing environments

    * Multiplayer Action - Up to 4 players locally

    * Full Gamepad support

    * Unlockable Weapons and Stages

    * Full platforming adventure for Single Players

    * Slightly historically accurate SFX

    * And... You get to ride a Crab!

  • I know pretty difficult to do be multiplayer across devices would be great.

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  • I know pretty difficult to do be multiplayer across devices would be great.

    Oh that will be great definitely. I'll never try the multiplayer object so it will be a challenge no doubt.

  • Its pretty tough i have had a play, but not impossible.

  • Just updated some info on the game. We only going to have 4 players now and Story Mode IS happening. I've wrote a short story about one of the Pirates on the game with a very fun approach. I'm very happy with it and think it will add a different feeling to the game. Obviously it also means production will take longer Nevertheless, Brawl Mode (That is what I'm calling Multiplayer) is almost ready, just some polish left.

    Here I let you some screens. Character Select and Stage Select, from the Brawl Mode!

  • Looking nice so far. I'm a bit curious how a 4 player game would work on a small device... 4 people tapping on the same screen?

  • Looking nice so far. I'm a bit curious how a 4 player game would work on a small device... 4 people tapping on the same screen?

    That pretty much sums it up. But since each player controls his character with a single button, it doesn't get too messy. Still, tablets might be better for this one

  • Hi guys! Time to see the game in action

  • Lol, cute little pirate icons.

  • Lol, cute little pirate icons.


  • The UI and graphics look really nice. This is certainly a unique concept.

  • The UI and graphics look really nice. This is certainly a unique concept.

    Thanks! I'm not a graphic designer so those words means a lot

  • Hello, I've been a little busy with the development of the game but thought of giving you some insight on how things are going. Brawl mode is finished, there is one feature that is giving me troubles and is holding the launch a little. I decided to change and focus on the story mode for a while.

    This was very good, in fact, more than I expected. The story mode (which features Billy, the pirate who likes ramen) has grown considerably since the start, so now it doesn't seem to make much sense to keep it as a special mode in the main game. So I decided to give it the space it deserves and make it a separate game.

    This is good news, because now there will be two games instead of one, Yey!

    I really like the drawings of Pocket Pirates! and it is exciting to think of the possibility of making several games in this universe. Billy's Adventure will be the first, who knows what will come in the future for the rest of the crew. For now, I'll return to Brawl mode and try to fix that annoying feature. As soon I resolved, it'll be time to incorporate the music and the game will be ready to try it. Sure I need beta tester, so if anyone is interested in helping, stay tuned for future updates.

    Thanks a lot!

    Keep it pirate!

    Here is an early look at the Tavern from the first town... just 'cause

  • this is a good game in my opinion

    how to play the game is the only thing i dont like about it

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