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  • Hi Everyone

    What are you guys thinking about a $5 Login/Register module, that will have the ability to change password, and reset password too ?

    Kinda also a Login Module. But what about a plugin that lets you implement Wordpress Login into your Game? Also at $5, and the same features from start.

    Feature like achievements, leaderboards and such can always get implemented, and maybe others (Ideas?!)



  • Sounds good Acey, I was actually thinking about adding login registration for a game im doing, so i'd get it if it met my needs.

    where would it store the user details? Would the creator need to host a seperate sql table somewhere?

  • Well I think of making an sql database, since you have to store the user data outside of the individual game. So it would be stored in a sql database, and have php scripts too.

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  • Nice idea dude, I'll keep an eye out for it when your done!

  • I would really like suggestions for features to implement if you have some

  • From things that I would look for (ive already figured out how to create/store a basic leaderboard so would need a few features on it to pay for it)


    Integration with php (so I can display top scores on my website, not just in game)

    Achievements/Trophies maybe

    Friends with other registered users maybe?

    Possibly finding people via there username to compare scores etc

    Its up to you though, all of those would be features I could do with being automated by a plugin

  • Acey Hey what's up? Did you get started with the Login/Register module you referred to above? I am desperate to find a solution for users to login to my game securely. I tried using the iframe, which works well in browsers, but it doesn't work once I export to Cordova. But using the inputs from the C2 canvas to use as a login is a security risk. So anyone has a work around that would be great!

  • Emac

    I'm glad to see your interest in the plugin. I haven't get to start yet, since i had some other smaller and easier plugins in mind i started with. To learn a faster way of developing plugins.

    I'll finish the last of them today, and start on the Login module tomorrow.

    Do you have any suggestions for features you would like to see, like Origami Turtle ?

  • For now i have a module where you can register and login.

    I will be implementing Leaderboards from a start, and achievements later on.

    To add Leaderboards or make other user admins, you'll have to use the website backend.

    The backend is only for admins.

    From a start you won't be able to add more roles, but the standards (member, admin)

    Anyone got any suggestions for other features that would be nice to have ?

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