please try my game and give feedback

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  • ... index.html

    or if you want to try on android device here is the apk.. ... 011409.apk

    this was designed for touchscreen

  • I had two initial impressions without spending a lot of time. I played the game for about ~5 minutes or so. The graphics looked very busy. Also, it was very easy. Maybe you should think about getting rid of one of the guns? Essentially, I found I could keep swinging the target back and fourth and hit everything on the screen. Also, don;t lead with the harder bad guys at the beginning of the levels.

  • thank you.. ok ill make some adjustments.. i appreciate it

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  • it does gt a lot tougher with level progression though..

  • wow you'll have to slow a bit the fire candence, they dont stand a chance :P

  • Very busy screen. If you ever place advertisements on there, it would personally be a huge turn off. Just looks too busy.

    Play and pause button need re-designed. They take up a huge amount of screen real-estate. Condense pause into a single button that can both pause and unpause. Put it somewhere in a corner, probably condesed to only the two pause bars, small and out of the way.

    As for the play button. Each level should have a button perhaps appear in the middle of the screen. Press that, it it is gone. Never to be seen again.

    Difficulty. VERY and I stress VERY easy. Got to a point where I actually wondered if I could take damage

    I understand I am "defending" my base or something. But this is not very clear. Not to make things more busy, but perhaps a better indication of what the bugs are trying to get to? Maybe the turrets have little people running around. loading ammo, shooting useless little guns off. small things.

    I personally try to do away with health bars. They take up screen space, and usually dont do much. It might be interesteing, if you went the little people route, that as you take damage, the people die, and perhaps even the guns start to smoke and catch on fire.

    As health goes up, turrets are repaired and people start showing up again.

    All opinions. Do with them as you will.

    Game looks promising. Keep up the good work!

  • wow you'll have to slow a bit the fire candence, they dont stand a chance


  • wow you'll have to slow a bit the fire candence, they dont stand a chance [ > > cool, thank you.. updating soon

  • tyler thaks man.. i had a lot of the same ideas/concerns, am working on them.. it was fun to make and a good trial for me to learn the software.. im prob gonna just keep as a free app with minimal further developmnt as i m teamed with an artist and writer for a really cool stealth game.. i got stuck with the logic part lol...hopefu;;y after i buy my license i can revise and make a couple bucks until then its on amazon for freezies

  • Neat game!

    I got through lvl1 easy once I figured out how it worked. Died on lvl2 though.

    As others said, it just needs some polish. Its a little "busy" looking/feeling, and the graphics could use a gloss over, but other than that, not bad!

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