Please test my menu system!

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  • There is a lot of the game not finished, the inventory isn't implemented yet, animations are messed up in a few places with items, but I really need people to test my menu system more than anything right now.

    Please tell me what you think!

    EDIT: Hit "M" to show the menus, or drag them out.

  • Now that looks great. Very nice.

    When viewing all menus "M" it looks great, but your health etc takes up too much of the small space. Is it absolutely necessary to have that during the menu view?

    But looks great.

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  • I like a lot this menu and the drag system

  • The top menu will have a lot of information in it, and I don't want it too close together because it would be too hard to read. There are still a lot of variables to put in the top menu. It's mainly the "stats" of the character, but one doesn't need that up all the time.

    Thanks for the feedback guys! It took years of playing games before my brain was able to come up with this menu system lol.

  • I love your menu and how it scrolls in like that. Got a tutorial for that or a capx?

  • I really don't. I just have the text's all separate for each menu so it's easier to work with. I pin those to the "sheets" which are the solid backgrounds, and have borders around the sheets that are also pinned to the sheet. Then I have the sheet always positioned to where the bar is that you grab on. Those bars have drag and drop, limited to the direction you are going (it's in the behavior settings). The aesthetic part of the dragable bars is the arrows, which are set as sprites at 0 speed etc. and changed depending on their position.

    As for those bars, (take the top one) if it's Y is greater than (say) 128, then set to 128, and if it's less than 0, set to 0. They also have to follow along the X and Y of the other menus to keep in line with everything.

    Scrolling them in and out was two groups initially set inactive that depending on a "in" or "out" variable will either active putting their X or Y in the direction they are closing, and vice versa, and then when all are in closed or open position, then deactivate the groups.

    I'll try to get a capx to show you.

  • .

    I'll try to get a capx to show you.

    That will be nice!

  • looks good, nice and smooth. The arrows on the left menu (the up/down arrows) could be a bit slower/smoother maybe ?

    The scrolling text at the bottom appears to have worked out quite well ?

  • Yes, that scrolling text, and various things that many people have helped me with have fit in perfectly. I am thankful for you and the community. I only wish we had a briefing on how the MMO object will work, that way I can get started on inventory. Until then, I'm dead in the water. Guess I can start level design soon!

  • i like your system very much, nice work, one critique maybe, its cool that you can open a menu partially for quick view, but it shouldn't remain partially open (or partially closed)

    a suggestion would be, to click for menu open/close, and drag for quick view (on release > close)

  • This looks really cool! Good Job

  • I want my character to be able to unlock/choose from hundreds of weapons but I can't figure out for the life of me how to get it to scroll like that.

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