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  • Hello!

    After my first 2D moba I decided to make a small pause of it and try something more classic, thus I wanted to created a Smash bros like fighting game.

    I just started with it and try to focus more on mechanics than on graphics, give me feedback or suggest me ideas for new characters/maps! (maps are actually pretty fast to make)

    You'll need a second player to play it right now but a KI mode is following soon!


  • nice game! the camera zoom in and out is great.

    on the next update, you can add some hit reaction when the player get hit.

    I know it is hard to make a fighting game, because I am making one, it is called "Rec JP fight" (avaiable to play on scirra arcade).

    the worst parts are to code the AI, deal with a lot of animations and moves. everything

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  • nemezes

    Thank you ^^

    there is the "stun" animation already when someone being hit but it's more or less a placeholder, will be better someday.

    Soon I want to add an AI, too and I know how difficult a good AI is to code xD (already made one for a 2d MOBA)

    I am going to try out your game

  • one thing that I learnt when making "Rec Jp Fight" is to make all the animations independent of press/touch commands.

    I mean, instead of using "when right button pressed, then player walk right and do walk animation to right" you just put: "when right button pressed, then walk right" and in other event you put "if player is walking and platform vector X > 0, then do the walk animation to right". I think it is better, because when coding the AI, you just say to the AI "go right" and the animation will follow the command correctly. so, when I am coding my AI, I just say the AI to do things and I dont worry dealing with the animations.

  • nemezes

    I also got my way after trying some things out and it is actually pretty nice.

    First, I have 1 object for each player which I just call "controlls" or smth like that. In the event sheet I code it like that:

    While D down -> set controlls "right" to 1

    Else -> set controlls "right" to 0

    And then if right is equal to 1, simulate movement right

    This way I can always change key-bindings pretty fast or add something like touch support and AI behavior without problems.

    The "controlls" object is just somewhere out of the window and is not visible ingame.

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