Platformer/Shmup Prototype With A Customisable Loadout

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  • Hi! I've been recently trying to get back into the gamedev swing of things now my year of uni has finished and thought I'd start with this.

    Gameplay Gif:

    Play It In Browser:

    The game is customisable in a similar way to Luftrausers where you mix and match different perks, this is very early on so it looks pretty rough but I'd still appreciate feedback on general gameplay, over/underpowered weapons and performance.

    You lose when your combo hits 0, that's not really explained in game at the moment. Again, sorry.

  • Why can't you make it a webgame? (i'm not good with the technical stuff)

  • Why can't you make it a webgame? (i'm not good with the technical stuff)

    Hey Erfeo

    I was really stupid and made the resolution much too high so nowhere will host it really, although to be honest I quite like the idea of having a downloadable game but it's a lot more difficult at the moment when looking for feedback.

  • Again I don't have much technical knowledge but I would reconsider making it work on the web. If you use something like it really shouldn't cause too much trouble especially since you only have placeholder assets.

    As for feedback for the actual game, I think you should see this talk by Vlambeer's JW especially since you like their game and are making a somewhat similar game.

    It certainly helped me a lot.

  • I've updated a fair bit although progress has been a bit slow due to illness, there is now some art in the game. Only the main player and the basic enemies but it should set the tone (see the gameplay gif in the original post).

    There are multiple levels and objectives which on completion spawns you to a new random level and reduces the difficulty.

    Coins can now be collected for points and combo.

    Please give it a try

  • What resolution did you set, that can't be play online?

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  • What resolution did you set, that can't be play online?

    A0Nasser Sorry, that information is out of date, the link is for the online version. The game is 1920x1080

  • Ok, my screen resolution is 1366 x 768.

    And i can't view your game right, it's so big.

  • Right click and save the images to view it in full size.

  • A0Nasser Sorry, I'm not having a good day! That's a very old link, the newer one shouldn't have that issue. I've updated it now. Thanks and sorry for wasting your time.

    At the very most you may have to zoom out slightly but as I say, it should work fine with that link

  • Your weapons and movement option is very awesome.

    but didn't you think it maybe hard, I don't see any health pickups player can get.

    And even this resolution is not right for my screen, the wide is perfect but the height is a little big.

    What resolution and fullscreen option did you set for this new link?

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