PLATFORMER "Jumping Simon"

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  • Hey there...

    Well i stopped my last project "the game with no name" cause with all the new things i learned so far i have to rework it completely...

    Nevertheless i have (currently) a new project.

    A Platformer called "Jumping Simon".


    You are Simon a little Alien and found yourself on a planet that is not your Homeplanet. So by finding keys, unlocking locks and avoiding enemies you have to find your way back home.

    I started this game cause i found a huge amount of C0-licensed Art on and i am very bad in graphics so i can't make my own

    I made a little demo preview on that game so that you know what this game is about.

    You have to collect a key. Then find the corresponding lock. Then go to the exit.


    Movement (Arrow Keys)

    Menu (ESC)

    If you touch the enemies you loose life. If you fall into the lava you will die instantly.

    Apparently the "Quit" Option in the menu is not working with my DropBox-Link so i have to appologize for that.

    So have fun with that first Demo Level of Jumping Simon

  • Nice, but a little buggy when it comes to platforms and collision. Make it more obvious when you get hit, feedback-wise.

    The basic system is nice and simple. Needs more levels.

  • of course it needs more levels....

    also i have some more things in mind to add to the game....

    to make it more obvious when the player gets hit u mean like make him flash? or are there more ways to do that?

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  • Something like that, yeah. Give him some invincibility frames, too.

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