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  • Hello, I've been working on my new game, Pedro Stories for a few days, it is just a simple platformer for now, but I tend not to finish games, and by creating this one I want to finally deal with it.. So, here you can play the first two levels, I am going to post updates there and upload the final version on either Kongregate or Newgrounds.

    Some screenshots:

    And the playable version:

    >>Play the demo [Always newest version there]<<


  • Its a good start!

    I noticed that the clothing of the player is same colour blue as the big mountains in the background

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  • Hmm.. I noticed that my topic landed in Completed Creations area, would be nice if someone could move it to Work In Progress spot.

    Hello! I got an update right here for you so you are all welcome to test it out! You can find the newest version in my first post or just click there:

    Play the demo!

    mrnannings thanks for your comment, I already fixed the problem with colours!

    Also I added a screenshot showing new enemies and a new biome [.. kind of].

    Here are a few questions I got for all of you who decide to play the game, would be awesome if you can answer that so I know what to do next.

    1. Did you pass all 5 levels? If not, why?

    2. How do you like the music? (I'm total amateur in that area but I'm trying, hmm)

    3. Did you encounter any bugs?

    4. Are you looking forward to next updates?

    5. What do you think about boss fights every 6 levels?


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