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  • Hi all,

    I'm trying to make a little platform game (name to be changed once I have a decent idea). Basically you can absorb colors to reveal platforms or hide obstacles, and later you will be able to use abilities.

    The art is pretty simple since I'm no artist. Hopefully you'll find that acceptable

    For now, you can only absorb one color. I only made an introduction level to explain the controls and the game mechanic. This is a tutorial level as such, but probably would not make it to the final game if I was to complete it. It was just a way for me to create some sort of VSD.

    Recommended to use a GAMEPAD to play the game. You can test the level here: http://konnee.free.fr/Color

    I'll add keyboard controls later in the week if I can.

    In this level, there are still a few things I'd like to do or fix such as:

    • checkpoints
    • tutorial triggers earlier at some places
    • elements affected by colour flash when you try to switch and you're inside one of them
    • sound / music

    In the upcoming weeks, I'm going to make some levels a bit more complicated, with more gameplay mechanics than what I've got in this little introduction level.

    Finally let me know if you have any feedback, things you liked or disliked


    I don't know why, but the game seems to be a bit jerky from time to time. I don't have that many objects and it should not use much CPU.

    So I'm not sure hot to get rid of the jerking. It happens at my place and at work. Only been using Chrome though.

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    • Added keyboard support.
    • Tutorials will only show up if you're blocked the first time you're supposed to use those controls

    Keyboard controls are:

    A = Left

    D = Right

    W = Jump

    Space = Shoot

    Shift = Run

    E = Interact

    Q = Switch color

    Esc = Restart

    New version is 0.2.7


  • The jerking might be an issue related to Chrome browser. We're all waiting for a fix.

  • Keyboard : I can run + jump going left, but I can't run + jump going right. That's quite annoying.

  • notnsane Ok thanks. It seems to work fine when exported to NW.js

    blackcrypt Thanks for testing! I have just tried it and I don't have any problem running and jumping when pressing A or E. Not sure what the problem you're experiencing

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