My platform puzzle game "EQUAL"

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  • Inspired by Limbo, i'm working on a platform puzzle game with over than 20 puzzles and with large layout.

    i will update soon with video gameplay or gif.

  • hum...

    What feedback are you looking for, exactly?

    For now all I'd have to say is: Be careful I think your game looks a bit like limbo.

  • Thank's for the replay.

    I love Limbo, and i think that it's one of the greatest 2d games.

    Did you know that Limbo team spends more than 6 years developing the game, and now they will release "INSIDE" 2d game after 4 years of hard work.

  • I love Limbo too

    The reason why I say "Be careful I think your game looks a bit like limbo." is exactly because of this. If you make a game "that looks like [insert game]", well, people will compare it to that game, and it'd be fair I guess.

    But, do you have 6 years of development for EQUAL? I guess no. And so obviously, your game will not be better than limbo. Cause Limbo is great really.

    And a game doesnt have to be better than limbo in fact, I like a lot of games that are not better than limbo. BUT. They are different.

    If your first talk about your game is "oh well my game is like limbo and..", well you better have a game that will be really good. Cause you don't have to just make a "good limbo". If I want to play a good limbo, I'll play limbo.

    If your game is not better than the original it should copy the original the less possible.

    Of course you probably have a lot of thing in that game that are waaayyy different from limbo mechanics. It's probably in fact a totally different experience.

    But here we can't know that, because your just showing us a .png , and so you're saying "oh it's like limbo". And all the feedback you can have is "Yes it does look like limbo. I wanna play limbo and never play your game now."

    That's why I say "Be careful". It can be really tricky.

    It's okay to have a game that is inspired by another, or that looks like another. But that shouldn't be the thing you will show to your audience, they will guess that alone, they're clever. And you should NEVER just show the fact that it's like this other game and then not saying anything else. Because all it will do is making the people you talk to want to play the original game instead of yours.

    See the point?

    I'll check what your game is when you'll show more anyway, but, be careful with that. You will lose potential player because of that kind of thing.

    Excited to see what your game is. Hoping it's not limbo. 'Cause I already played it :')

  • regisRquoi

    Thank's for the replay

    My goal is to make my first full game with C2, this is the point.

    And the game will be free, So the player will understand why its not exactly like limbo

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  • New image:

  • New image:

  • New image, hope i will make a video soon.

  • Hi A0Nasser - if the difference between your game and Limbo is that yours is free then I think you'd better be very careful indeed. The Limbo guys are likely to be rather upset and come after you with some kind of legal action. You might want to speak with a lawyer in advance of publishing your game - some free advice now might not be what you want to hear but might save you a ton of trouble down the road.

  • Thanks for your advice.

    But i don't think i need a lawyer to make a platform puzzle game.

  • Looks Nice! Hope you get to release it soon!

  • CauliflowerNerd

    Thank's, i will release it soon.

  • Simple game trailer :

  • Cool looking game. I wouldn't be too worried about a lawsuit from the Limbo team especially since it's free. The worst case scenario is they send you a letter warning you of legal action to scare you off. There are many games that have come out that borrow themes and styles from other games so I wouldn't worry. Just make the best game you can make.

  • billy Bleeks

    Thanks and nice idea you have in your game, i didn't saw any game like this before made by C2.

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