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  • Hi Folks,

    this is my 3rd attempt to make a game which should be released at some point

    It makes heavy use of the physics engine of c2.

    So we all know golf but this is golf with a twist! You have to put the ball from platform to platform in order to get to the goal.

    Also, if you want to archive a 3 start rating you have to collect coins and gems so you have 6 hits left at the end of the level.

    If you got a few minutes to spare give it a try and let me know what you think!


    The game is currently in alpha and there are 15 levels to play.

    You should take a quick look in the tutorial "How to play" to get a better start.

    I highly appreciate any feedback and open for suggestions on how to make this game better.

    Please also tell me if you like or DISLIKE it and why!

  • The bottom left buttons are poorly placed when the player uses the zoom and wants to hit the ball ... or I do not understand how to remove them

  • I think that to it be more realistic the ball shouldn't hit the end of the layout in a "invisible wall" and come back, the ball should go away or hit in a visible wall.

  • MadSpy yep a problem i have still to find a solution for. the ui was layouted before the intruduction of the zoom function, so i either will replace the starting / finishing points or i will rework the ui. thanks for pointing it out!

    Tasso thanks for the feedback. i will think about a solution. one way would be to make a "wrap" another to introduce side walls, but i think that would be a little to cave like...

    without those walls the game would be a little hard.

  • j0schi , do not forget to remove the upper left text "text" on the menu

  • will sure do

    at this location there will be the latest version of the game, including debug and so on hehe

    so what do you guys think about the gameplay?


  • Without the walls would be harder, but would be realistic, normally in golf games when the ball goes away of the layout it destroy & respawn on the place of start. But your game your rules hahaha.

  • MadSpy

    Ive altered the starting and finishing points a little. additional to that ive made a function that when the ball overlaps an interface button the button is set to 20% opacity that should do the trick.

    Tasso yea right but i still take your suggestion sriously. i will ask arround a little what people say, and maybe i find a solution. the respawn would be pretty easy to implement. still think it would get a little hard then.

    in addition to that a new version with 17 levels and some fixes is online.

    also there is a little code witch let you access all available levels one time. just press the letters "w i n g s" at the same time in the main menu.

    i would recommend to test level 15

    kind regards


  • j0schi Tried it and almost got three stars on all levels. A few of them was really hard tho

    A really like the game and I think it would work really well with touch controls. And the art and general look feels professional.

    The only thing that bothered me was that if I tried to hit the ball to early the power bar didn't reach maximum and you had to hit the ball and wait for it to stop so you could hit again

    What software are you using to make the 3D assets? Or have you bought them?

    Anyhow, awesome job!

  • Anonnymitet yea its developed with mobile inmind, however the screes are a little small.

    the early hit is kind of a problem which i dont know how to solve it... at somepoint if the ball is moving i have to diable the ability to hit it. currently i am thinking of a big notification when you can hit it again. would make sence. since the little grey button (bottom left) isn`t much of a help.

    to be honest, i am not much of a grafic person i hate this fact, but i tryed so often again and again and its just not mine, so all grafics are either bought or done by other people. there is one little exception, i did the holes my self with psd (and i am so freaking proud of it lol) sometimes i also modify things or build new things from existing objects.

    currently i am working on implementing destroiable glass blocks:

    i will post an update here when its done

    i am working on this problem right now:

    currently i am programming 17h a day to make this work hopefully people will like this game.

    Kind regards


  • j0schi I like what you got so far, I also have been working on a touch golf game ( ... rboards-67 for reference)

    As for the early hitting, I just do a check to see how fast the ball is moving and if it's either not moving or very very slowly rolling I set a variable that says whether or not you can hit the ball. Works nice. Good luck and keep it up!

  • i just loove your game! did you do the art your self? for me the hitting is to sensitive, maybe implement a limit?

    regarding the the very slow condition, well i have implemented this really early, so i think he meant another problem. ive also included a "big" ready sign when the ball si slow enought. so it should be a little clearer when to hit

    Kind regards

  • Update today: added 4 more levels.

    I am currently thinking if i should add 32 or 40 levels before release. 32 just might be enought.



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  • Update: Glassblocks are implemented and the mechanics are fine. only problem is: because of the massive ammount of tiles (and collissionchecks) games runs slow with many glassblocks on mobile. i am currently thinking about on disabling the collision cheks on mobile for glass blocks against the tilemap.

    More updates:

    • more levels
    • small changes on some game mechanics

    there are 30 levels now. 2 more will be designed till 1.0

    i am planning on releasing the beta in a few days so i would highly appreciate any feedback on the current state of the game

    Kind regards


  • We reached v. 0.9.9 release candidate! 32 Levels, round about a hour of playtime, several bugfixes...

    Give me your feedback!

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