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  • hey guys I've been currently working on a platform adventure game and I've created a quick demo and would like some opinions or feedback if you could. The concept is basic and the level is quite simple. Just wondering what you think about it. its a very early stages. Any ideas n such.



    movements (up,down,left,right)

    A to jump.


  • Very nice touches you have.

    I will be surprised if this is your first game.

    Why did you use this resolution.

  • Yeah this is my first game.

    I chose that resolution because its fast and smooth.

    its a WIP so i havnt reaally dedicated to this style or resolution. My primary goal is to

    make playability solid before getting bogged down with graphics and such.

  • Hi, nice job on this one really!

    But, I wondered, why would you go with such uncommon controls? Since left/right is controlled via arrow keys already, we not make arrow up the jump key?

    Also, when you lose your last life as a player, the screen just gets black and nothing happens.

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  • Hi, thanks for your feedback. Its always good to hear that someone likes your work but it's always better to hear what people don't like or the things that can be improved and in this case there is still a lot to do on it and plenty of areas that bug me that need to be tweeked but i will get to them eventually.

    In regards to your questions.

    Two reasons why i didn't use the up arrow for jump.

    1. If the player has to use both hands on the keyboard to play the game it's my belief that the player is more engaged with it ( less likely to go yada yada with one hand.

    2. More importantly i keep this key free because later on i might want to add flying or overhead gameplay and it's much easier to not have it assigned to other controls. Generally i like to keep all character movements for all layouts on one data sheet.

    As for the screen going black, this is just because it's a one stage demo. I could have set it to start over again but once you tested it i didn't see the need for more play on it. I have game over and start menus and stage select menus set up, but that's not for this demo as those menus are not ready.

    thanks for your questions and interest

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