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  • A little Progress update - I still working on mechanics for main character.

    I hope some of you could give me your opinion about that, Please ignore the graphics :X focus on the control mechanics.

    thanks in advance.

    Controls key arrows to move

    jump 'S'

    pause 'SPACEBAR'

    run/trow/grab/fireball* with 'A'

  • Cool game so far. I won't really comment on bugs and other things because it's still a WIP.

  • Ok thanks mate!

  • Very Cool

  • Very cool! Falling off the edge doesn't kill you though, you get trapped! I also think the coins should either be slightly lower so you can just walk into them or a bit higher so it's obvious you need to jump. You're lil guy there is pretty darn slow too, I would suggest speeding him up a bit! It looks really great though, super cool!!

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  • Very cool! I agree that he should be sped up.. lots!

  • thanks ALLMarkMade, misterkoala and spacedoubt! of course misterkoala I am agree about you say, all these suggestions and advices I am going to consider them!!

  • Some feedback that you may want to consider, even though it's a WIP.

    When you change sides, the animation is way too slow, it doesn't make sense to have it at that speed. It slows down gameplay and makes it very frustrating for the player. The animation should "obey" the players actions, not the opposite. At least not in this type of game.

    Having a background image that size doesn't make sense either. It will hinder your performance in the long run.

    I know the graphics are placeholder, but when you get down to actually making your own, make sure the style is consistent. For now, it is not and it makes the game just seem like a weird collage of found images.

    The level design is pretty cool but it gets repetitive. The enemies that rush towards you are really cool and could be used to make some challenging segments.

  • Thank you so much alvarop, your observation level was very important for me, many guys already have told me that kind of suggestions as well, Actually this game demo is old now, Right now I'm working on a all of that changes, especially in the animations speed and the world speed in general. and of course I'm considering the else things that I need to improve in the game

    Cheers for everyone!

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