Planet Strike Autofire - 2d top-down arcade shooter

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  • Hi all,

    We've been working on Planet Strike - Autofire for years and finally reached the alpha phase. It's a 2d top-down arcade shooter currently available for Windows.

    It would be great to hear some general feedback from you.

    Download the zipped exe here:

    If you have a few minutes please fill out our survey:


    move: ASDW or arrows

    boost: E or SPACE

    choose ship: 1 2 3

    next ship: Q or TAB

    fullscreen: ALT+ENTER

    F6: survey form

    F7: send instant feedback

    Gamepad supported.

    Thank you!

  • WOW! I´ve never saw something so professional on scirra. Did you made everything with construct. Did you made everything alone or together with another Person? Thats just impressiv. Your art is so beautiful. Verry good Job. But i cant open your zip. I will try it later on my other pc.

    Have luck with the game


  • Hi Crytexx, thanks, we are working on it with brother, completely in C2. Let us know if you still have problems with the zip...

  • Very slick visuals, impressive!

    Personally I find the level structure doesn't appropriately support the kind of flow that this sliding movement asks for. Makes for a bit of frustration when you constantly bump into walls while trying to get behind an enemy to shoot for example. Just my gut feeling though.

    Great effort either way!

  • Nicely done wonderful graphic too

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  • Thanks guys.

    facecrime: would you suggest more spacious areas or more responsive controls?

  • Now this is entirely my personal opinion, take it with a pinch of salt, but I believe that this constant-movement model quickly turns 'punishing' when you can never actually let movement flow like you can in the original Asteroids game. Aiming at enemies often requires you to act against your traversal planning, so you can either move smoothly OR engage in combat.

    But maybe that's just me not playing it right.

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