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    I made this game after seeing photos of drone attack aftermaths and after learning that someone used a drone to deliver pizza to himself. I figured it'd be a fun way to promote - sort of - a peaceful use of drones for pizza delivery.

    The game is an 2D auto-scroller where you navigate your way along a road, avoiding hitting the buildings on the way, until you reach the customer at the end. Five customers in total. There are two modes because I hate stories getting in the way of gameplay: one mode has the game's story unfold in cutscenes (yet to be made, still working on gameplay and level design), the other mode is just the game. But if while you play story mode you make it to a customer without hitting a building, you get a bonus stage. Otherwise, you just go to the next level.

    Art is not good, sound and music is absent, because I'm neither an artist nor a musician. You already know that, of course.

    A problem I've run into is screen jitter on the bonus stages. Not sure how to fix it, since I took out a lot of sprites and lowered the player's speed but the problem persists. Any advice or help would be great!

  • take a look here:

    might be related...


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  • take a look here:

    might be related...


    Thanks! Any thoughts about the art, gameplay, etc.?

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