Pixel platformer game (work in progress)

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  • Hello my name is Flame152 i'm not that popular of a indie developer but i've made some games that you probably might know for example my Run Block Run series.

    Now for the past few months i've been hard at work on a pixel platforming game and i think that my work is good enough to show some snippets of it.

    This game is a little trip back to the retro days.

    Now here goes my little presentation i hope you like it...

    Step into a whole new world with Baldy, and fend of the evil forces.

    With many terrains and enemies.

    Explore the world in style.

    Battle enemies from ground to air.

    And that's it for now i hope you enjoyed the some snippets of this upcoming game. The game is coming out soon and ill be updating you on the game very soon as well. If you are excited about the game or just want to know how the development is going i would really appreciate if you follow me on twitter or here is the link twitter.com/Flame152152 so that way you can be notified on when the next snippet is out.

    That's all thank you for taking the time to read all of this have a great day :)

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  • Looking good, would love to see a GIF or video!

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