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  • Hello there,

    I started on a game some time ago and this is what I have so far.

    It's not much, but I wanted to show it to somebody.

    It's my first serious attempt to make some pixel art, pixel animation and especially game design.

    I am a 3d Animator for for a long time and I find it a bit tedious to draw every frame .

    But I love the pixel look.

    here it is:


    feel free to give some comments

  • I peed my pants a little at :40.

  • It's looking really good man. One of the things that bother me (bother is a big word...) is how many different colours you used for the tiles in one zone. I find that it doesn't look that good or, in better words, it doesn't fit with the overall style. Makes it look like it's not cohesive.

    Just my opinion though. Everything looks really good on itself.

  • Looks like a very solid prototype already!

    I'd make her run a bit faster (speed and animation speed), but it seems promising!

  • Hey, thanks for your feedback.

    I am glad that you like it .


    Yes, I agee that it does look a bit jumbled. I was inspired by "tiny barbarian" with the colored blocks. But I think at one point I will make a proper tilemap and not just bricks to make it look more organic.


    Yeah a friend of mine says the same - so I will make her a bit faster. I have work on the sprite anyways, because I want to separate her arms from the body to make them move independently.

    Oh and by the way the next Penelope looks awesome.

  • Pretty cool concept, I actually liked the coloured tiles in the start but as they just turn one coloured blueish later, it feels inconsistent. If you remove the golden blocks and keep the green, blue and purple ones, then you have much more variation in your level design.

    I really dig the dance idea to move certain objects and confuse enemies.

  • Really looking good!

    The retro art and retro gameplay seems to work pretty well for now.

    Would just say that the camera stopping to move at 0:20 when you're on the left limit of the lvl made me feel weird. I don't know if it's meant to stay, but I don't like it when camera does that in platformers, it confuses me. I prefer to see the wall on the left and the camera still acting as it used to (following the player)

    Also, I guess the art of the cube you move at 0:40 will change in the future? It feels weird because it's really uniform colors compared to the rest

    Otherwise I love the gameplay mechanics and how it looks. Will definitly follow this

  • Looking good, love your character. Really cool style.

  • Yeah, I can tell you're an animator. Great work! I'm a CG animator too and this pixeling thing is hard! I'm so spoiled by Maya.

    Not really sure what that dancer is doing platforming around that perilous place, but hey it looks fantastic!

    Inspiring stuff. Looking forward to seeing more.

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  • Really cool! Couldn't understand that power of her but whatever it looks really nice! =]

  • Hey everybody,

    thank you all for your comments. I am glad that you like it .

    regisRquoi : Yeah... the bright blue block is just a dummy ... this will look different later.

    And about the camera stopping at the border of the layout... this is just a test level. For the real levels i shouldn't put it so close the corners:).

    GenkiGenga : Thanks... I am tying my best!

    timsormin : Well, I still don't know what she is doing there as well .

    kossglobal : I am not sure what her power is as well... i am just tying to come up with some cool looking and fun to play mechanics. I am not sure if the dancing will be in the final game like it is now. I am currently working on more abilities she will have later.

  • Just remember its way easy to get the feminists angry these days.

    Then again, you might just make something empowering.

  • newt:

    Yes, I know ...

    I am curious what Anita Sarkeesian would say about my game.

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