Pinkman (inspired by N)

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  • Hi! I've been developing this game for some time, and i would appreciate any kind of feedback on it. Thank you! <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile">

    Ps: Sorry if i said something wrong, it's not my main language.

  • some colors are much bright. just it to say.

    (portuguese translation: algumas cores são muito brilhosas. só isso.)

    I do not know if we can speak in other language than english here in the forum.

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  • The colors belong to the PICO-8 color palette, but i'll probably make my own palette soon, because as you said, they're very bright/annoying sometimes. Don't worry about speaking portuguese, i can reasonably speak and read english, but thank you anyway.

  • love this! (i didnt manage to finish it)

    this is cool in its cripsness and minimalism. although i think it could use more visual clues to its setting; where am i, what am i doing there?

    are you featuer complete and only making more levels now, or is this done altogether

    really fun though.

  • Thank you, facecrime! Love to hear that

    I'll add more color palettes to have more variety and be less tiring to look at. There will be a little story about the character and why his pink, it will make the have a lot more sense i guess. And thank you one more time, i'll absolutely take care about everything you said, all that feedback is really important!

  • Sooo pink!

    I think the 'fart bar' should disappear a half second after it's recharged, otherwise you're running around with a bar above your head and it doesn't look as nice.

    What template did you start with to do this project?

    Edit: 4 is just too brutal with the button in between spikes right after a difficult jump, etc!

  • Yeah, i love pink! Haha

    That's a great idea, i'll absolutely take care about it, thank you for the suggestion!

    I used the "Retro Style Project", so all the pixels have hard edges.

    Come on, you can do it! Send me a snapshot if you reach level 10 hahaha

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