Phrixus & Helle [playable demo + images]

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  • Download link. (I will be posting one on the arcade soon as well)

    Hold Z to run and press X to jump.

    This demo eliminates pause/level complete menus and instead directly goes between levels. That, of course, will not be present in the final game. After completing the final (20th) level, the game will close.

    Phrixus & Helle is an independent, sidescrolling puzzle-platformer game coming soon for PC!

    When Phrixus loses his twin sister Helle in a tragic accident, he's given the opportunity to bring her back from the underworld. By guiding the twins separated between worlds, will they be able to reunite?

    It features:

    -Over 200 challenging levels

    -Tons of unlockable content such as concept art, character skins, minigames, and music

    -4:3 and 16:9 resolution support as well as fullscreen compatibility

    -Keyboard and gamepad support, including customizable controls

    -Original soundtrack, art, and design

    -For both PC and Mac

    I appreciate any suggestions, criticisms, etc. This is a project I have been working doing off and on for the last few years, so knowing if it is worth continuing (and if so, what direction it should/shouldn't go) is valuable.

    Feel free to begin following the game if you're interested in social media! Expect far more updates forthcoming.




  • Kind of surprised this doesn't have more replies...

    This game is a lot of fun, and it's a unique twist on the "controlling two characters at once" concept. The level design starts off simple for the first four or five levels to get the player used to the controls, but gradually ramps up and gets more difficult at a steady pace, all while introducing some very clever gimmicks (e.g. bouncy mushrooms, half-circle spiders, etc). It never feels unfair, and the shortness of the levels gives you a fair amount of time to practice, kind of like in Super Meat Boy.

    Great work.

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  • ^ I'm with him here, this deserves a lot more attention. I finally got around to playing the demo this morning and it was really fun. The concept was interesting (kind of reminded me of Alter Ego: Dreamwalker with the way you control multiple characters at once) and the designs are really good with the way new things are introduced. It never got old for the amount of levels in the demo, even though new gimmicks weren't always showing up every stage, which shows a good use of resources. The difficulty was never too easy or too hard either.

    So yeah, this is totally the type of game that should be much more popular. Good luck!

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