Perry World - A physics platformer [WIP]

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Everything is made via physics, Very simple code: 6 events only (3 for tank creation, 2 for controls and 1 for camera)
  • Hello to the Scirra Community,

    I was working on a rolling physics platformer featuring the hero from my Perry the Explorer series (If you doesn't know, check the first game in the series on Scirra Arcade).


    • 8 worlds to discover
    • Features Perry the Explorer Alien, along with 4 new characters
    • Keyboard controls
    • Xbox 360 controller support (not being tested yet)
    • Physics-based puzzles to be solved inside certain levels
    • Cute helpers to help you reach impossible areas
    • Battle with the boss in the final world
    • Access special levels when you collected enough stars from normal levels
    • World-crafting fun in the Sandbox mode

    Playable characters:


    • Perry
    • Dizzy
    • Jerry


    • Bubbly
    • Pinky

    TODO: Work-in-progress screenshots, concept artworks, feature previews.

  • [attachment=0:shfgjbnw][/attachment:shfgjbnw]

    Just almost finishing the Tutorial level.

    Sorry for the crappy art, those was temporary.

  • Tutorial level finished!

    Now focusing on game mechanics, win/lose states and implementing new features (and levels).

  • This is the picture of one of the helpers in Perry World. She's Nana, the blue octopus. She can use her tentacles to hold you in order to cross large pits.

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  • This is the HUD I've made, the HUD graphics are made in Inkscape, along with some other graphics.

    The labels in the picture was made in Fireworks.

    Rhindon - What's your opinion?

  • Just taking a glance and I'm amazed! I look forward to a demo or a video!

  • The demo will coming soon, (I hope...)

    I'm about to give update tweets about this game on Twitter (will also appeared on Facebook), so this topic will not giving further dev updates anymore, instead, you and anyone else can give feedback about this game.

  • Rhindon - Do you have checked my dev tweets through #SONARPerryWorld?

  • Tetriser - I have not. I've been very busy with work and personal life stuff. I'll try to give it a look later on.

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