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  • Hey everyone!

    I'm getting ready to finish up my game Perpetual Vessel and put it on the App Store and I thought it might be good to get some people to test it a bit on GameJolt. ... sel/45103/

    Gameplay is pretty much like the game called No Brakes, you are in a spaceship that continuously goes faster and faster and you are just trying not to crash. Only have 5 levels right now but on the mobile version it works very well with the Game Center leaderboards and has an iAP for some ship customization.

    Since it was made for mobile I don't have any info in game how to play without touch but all you need to know is you can use the keyboard "A" to turn left and "D" to turn right.

    Let me know what ya think and remember some things won't work since they are mapped to Game Center related stuff.

    Also I set up a simple website with Squarespace for the rest of my games or in progress games you can see.

  • Hey Dj was pretty fun. Controls well.

    Works good on ipad 2 (tiny bit of screen tearing though when playing on GameJolt).

    Would have been great to know what the target speed was for each level, I think it would be more addictive that way. Good work and good luck on the appstore.

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  • I was just wondering - can you use assets from Tyrian in something that potentially makes money (with ads or otherwise)?

  • That's a good question Somebody, I was worried about it at first but based on where I got it from ( ... s-and.html), they seem to be free for any use. I actually recall seeing another game on the App Store a couple days ago with some of them.

    GenkiGenga Thanks! Yea at first I was going with the whole "get this amount of points before you go to next level" and then decided to just go with choosing levels. So the next level button coming up is sort of a remnant of that but I might as well show 'Get Over 600 mph to move to next level" or something.

  • Ah, well, if the original creator gives the art away it's a-ok.

    Tyrian was the bomb back in the day, they should really make a new one for the mobile platforms with all the wackiness of the original.

    As for your game - it seems alright, you could probably add some respawning coins or things in risky places that give extra points, but increase the chances of terrible tragedy.

  • was fun, wasn't clear how you complete the level... presume it's a number of laps

    it's always a choice I know but I felt some higher quality graphics would have been nice... a little less pixelated.

    minor quibble.. you can the score as MPH which I quickly thought was "miles per hour" but MPH is a speed but your score seems to keep going up.. might be worth reviewing what you mean by MPH... can you not call it score

  • rho thanks, these kind of responses are important since I have been working on the game so long everything seems so obvious to the developer.

    It actually does mean Miles Per Hour, the mechanic is really the ship goes faster and faster the longer you survive so you are just trying to get to the fastest speed possible before crashing. So laps don't really matter but following the path is obviously the safest way to go.

    As for the graphics I know what ya mean, unfortunately I'm not a great artist and don't have time to do both programming and art. But it is also kind of nice to see some Tyrian graphics again which is a classic

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