PC game - 4 months in and I haven't even named it yet.

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  • I started out wanting to use C2 to create a simple game engine. I'm a designer, not a programmer and I find C2 to be intuitive and the logic easy to understand. I began creating my game engine for a Metroidvania style RPG and it quickly took on a life of its own. I'm now re-writing the engine, adding features and redoing the test graphics I created. It's blossoming into a full game.

    Current features:

    • Simulated lighting effects
    • Variable Gravity
    • Item Pickups
    • NPC Dialogue
    • Assorted items and weapons
    • Jet boots
    • Contextual zooming
    • Spriter animated boss enemies (1 so far)
    • Other stuff that I'm forgetting

    I have screens and video on my tumblr blog. jjevil dot tumblr dot com



    I can post text links now. =)

  • Wow!! It is unbelievably cool!! Even more so for your first game! I love the glow effect you have! I have no idea how to do that right now, but it just gives it that really cool effect and ambience to the game.

    It looks really complex, I would be surprised if you could achieve all that if you are using the free version with the 100 event limit. It also looks quite intensive, is it meant mainly as a pc game?

    Hehe you have a fan! Can't wait to see how this game turns out!

  • rekjl,

    I already built a prototype engine. I could probably make a functional game from it right now, but I wanted to incorporate the lighting effects and generally improve the look. Now I'm working on a rewrite to work the new stuff in and cleanup old, unused events. I have some of the lighting already working in the old engine. It's not too difficult, you just have to think creatively to get it to work properly. Once I've got posting privileges and a little free time, I'll put up a tutorial on some of the effects.


  • Sometimes I throw a name in early see if it lasts the dev time, it usually doesn't, I think a name to match the evolving game sits better than bending the game to the name...


    Looks good by the way...

  • This looks great! Reminds me a bit of Risk of Rain.

  • Would also love to know more about those lighting effects

  • I'd be up for doing a tutorial. I have to get everything working the way I want it first. I only have about half of the lighting effects working in the game engine right now. I should probably focus on a playable demo, then I can break down how I did specific things.

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  • No worries JJEvil, take your time with your project! It looks so awesome that the last thing I would want to do is distract you from it. Hehe yup, will be waiting patiently for your demo!

  • Most of the work for the glow effects is done in Photoshop. You have to create a couple of different base graphics with edges that are transparent. Export them as png files so the transparency remains and when you use them as sprites in C2, add screen and lighten effects. Don't settle for one sprite. I layer 2-4 for each effect. I use different transparencies and effects until it produces the look I'm going for. My main issue right now is they don't show up well on black/very dark backgrounds. I'm thinking of putting a semi transparent gray behind them to mask the black BG and force the effects to work better. still experimenting, though. That should give you a base to experiment from until I can get around to doing a proper tutorial.

  • This game looks nice, Metroidvania style is always good

    For light and glow effects I used a different approach. The graphics are all drawn like they are well lit. Then I overlay everything with a black image (opacity as desired, in my case i let it slowly de- and increase between two values)

    Over that you place a black and white image (white = light) and set propertys > effects > blend mode on "Destination out" This will cut the white parts out of the black overlay. Then I simply added another image with color to give the light a color (I used the Dodge-effect there)

    It´s simple and gives a really solid effect.


  • WackyToaster

    I'll have to give that a try. The simpler, the better when it comes to events.

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