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  • Parking Space is a game about parking in spaces. Leaderboards will track how quickly you can park in all the spaces on the level, but be careful, colliding with anything means you lose.

    You can play it at / UziParkingSpace

    It's pretty much a standard parking game. However, most parking games have terrible, terrible controls, so I spent quite a bit of time getting the controls "just right." The wheels turn smoothly, straighten gradually as you accelerate, you have a good deal of momentum, etc. Each car also handles differently, the hatchback is quick with a tight turning circle and the box truck is much more difficult to drive. The turning circle is actually calculated using the angle of the wheels and the wheelbase so it'll be more or less physically accurate in that respect. It doesn't just turn the car by some arbitrary rate. Long story short, it feels quite a bit better than most parking games out there.

    The game as it stands now is not great, there's just one level and no scoring. In the coming week or so that will be expanded greatly, new cars will be added, including cars and trucks with trailers.

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