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  • Burvey Yeah, I do agree and I probably will not got go dark on the UI. I want a strong playful contrast between the UI and the game graphics so it's reminiscent of the typical mobile game style but has surprisingly dark content in game.

    I will definitely improve the quality of the grey buttons as I think they have lost quality while I was resizing them up and down in C2. However, that will probably just mean reimporting. I will see when I get to that point.

    I do however value each and every persons opinion. It's really nice to get comments and feedback on this thread. I'm five months into development, working from home, while also being a stay-at-home dad, so not seeing many like minded people at the mo.

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  • Added DEV LOG 6 - Google Play alpha testers wanted ->

  • Added DEV LOG 7.

    Paradox has now been added to indiedb. ->

  • Story added to header title.

    STORY: Set in a post apocalyptic, abandoned military research base, Paradox is teeming with psychotic robots, flesh hungry zombies and littered with brutal traps. Awakening as a forgotten experiment, designed for a mysterious purpose, you have sticky, wiggling tentacles, bat-like wings, pointy horns and a solitary eye. Smashing your way out of your stasis chamber you must begin the task of escaping this labyrinth-like-facility, stealthily pouncing through the shadows avoiding attacks from the monsters that dwell within or go on full on attack and take them out before they take out you. This is no simple maze, the facility is linked by portals bridging space and time. Through the course of your journey you may find your greatest obstacle is yourself! Escape the base, survive its inhabitants and discover your past, as well as the fate of the human race.

    Paradox is unique finger flicking gaming experience that will be available initially on iOS, Android, Windows Phone.

  • Added DEV LOG 8: 45/60 levels complete and promo art added.

  • DEV LOG 9: Completed zombie artwork. Added characters section.

  • Please edit the zombie and the smileys!!!

    They are really ugly:(.


  • LINE000 Are you scared of the zombie? >:)

  • Looking, good, looking good, this is taking shape. Art reminds me a bit of The Intergalactic Trashman.

  • kraed Thanks dude. I have never heard of that game before but I can deffo see what you mean! I'll have to try and play it! Thanks again for the awesome info.

  • Added the following animation concepts as gifs to the media section.

  • The animation's quite smooth for the bad guys, what did you use?

  • Somebody I used Spriter for the sentry robot and zombie, but used photoshop for the wyrm and flying drone as their animation states did not require bones. Spriter actually has an export to gif feature which is pretty cool. You loose a lot of quality when converting them, so they look much better in game.

  • I see, got Spriter Pro as well, but haven't used it much yet, the animating itself is a bit weird for someone used to other systems (like 3ds max).

  • Somebody The best way I can describe animating in spriter is it's like making paper people with pins at the joint.


    So make all the parts, reconstruct the parts in spriter, then add bones. It didn't take me too long to figure it out, but I'm still learning the best ways to hide joints and how to setup the bones for the greatest range of movement. So I can recommend Spriter, although I do feel it is a bit rough around the edges.

    Spine also looks cool but they have not built a C2 plugin yet ->

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