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  • (*^0^)/ Hi.This is the second game I'm working on http://digitdraw18.wix.com/digitdraw#!shooter/ceiy . This one is side scroller shooter. Any feedback from you would be great. Great thanks.

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  • It's very satisfying blowing up waves of ships with the large explosions that you've got going on.

    I feel that the player ship moves a bit too slowly and I kept wanting to move forward and backward.

    I also noticed that if I went down to the very bottom of the screen and fired up at the corner I could last almost forever with minimal effort.

    It's fun though!

  • I think this is a very good start. I like the background art style, when you add more stuff like this, it's going to look great.

    It desperately needs music.

    After the powerup, you play the sound effect twice for each shot. May I advice you move the "audio.play" command to somewhere else, so the sound doesn't get higher because it's shooting two bullets? Or was this intentional?

    Hope to see some progress on this. In need of a nice good shootemup (or right) for quite a long time now... And the ability to slightly aim is nice touch.

  • (^-^)>

    I'm glad you like the explosions, BigKid Icarus.

    The ship does move slow, at first. It's possible to move and shoot faster when you successfully grab the speed powerUp during gameplay. I'll make sure to make all the powerUps more noticable for the player. I want to create very simple gameplay mechanics for my games and because of that, the player can only go 2 directions which I think could very be only Up and Down.

    I see what you mean about the thing when the player is at the very bottom of the screen and basically survives the whole time. I'll see what I can do about this.

    The music is coming very soon, Windwalker. I'm working as I'm writing this. As for the sound, I'' take your advice about the audio.play command. I was stuck on that issue.

    It's actually possible to shoot where ever you want, in the direction the ship is going. I want my games to have very simple gameplay mechanics and because of that decision, the ship can only go 2 directions which I think are Up and Down.

    Thank you for all suggestions and comments. They're greatly appreciated.


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