Orc Leader in Scirra Arcade

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  • Hi guys!

    I put the first playable alpha of my new game Orc Leader in Scirra arcade. Please take a look in


    Ideas and opinions are welcome!



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  • -Art is cute and very appealing.

    -Plenty of stat management and moral choices in encounters, unfortunately there doesn't seem to be an effect making bad or evil choices. I managed to get my stats up high enough and just for kicks decided to attack soldiers patrolling next to the first town you encounter but when I enter the town I'm still somehow able to trade and rest. There should be a reputation system if you're giving players the freedom to do anything.

    -You don't seem to stand much of a chance on the very beginning of the game. I got a game over on my first battle and only managed to make progress in my 2nd attempt when I luckily encountered an orc to join my party.

    -The biggest drawback from this game that I'm sure will turn people away from it is battles are automated. In games like these, the push and pull dynamic of battles is what keeps players interested and making it entirely a game of chance isn't the correct approach in my opinion

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