Orange squares AI

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  • I wanted to try and program an enemy AI so I took some fancy squares and made this. They turned out to be really tough but I had fun trying to beat them and finding their weaknesses.

    Arrow keys to move and jump.



    92.1 seconds isn´t my worst but also not my best. Feel free to beat me.

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  • Hey WackyToaster. What are you supposed to do?

  • Hey, well simply jump on them. There was no goal to it so I added the timer and count. If you kill all 20 of them the timer just stops.

    On how to beat them, they have two attack moves. They either jump towards you or dash towards you. They are most vulnerable after the jump (while they slide on the ground after the jump you can get them pretty easy) Same goes for the dash, but it´s a little bit harder to get them. The key is to wait for them to attack first. When they stand still you can try to jump on them, but they will usually dodge it. Another good thing to know is that when jumping on one (and holding the jump button) you will jump higher than they are able to making it easier to avoid their attacks when there are more of them.

  • Okay, sorry it wasn't immediately obvious. I wondered if you were supposed to hit them with that floating bit above the character as they jumped over you.

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