Operation Undead game (feedback helpful)(Screenshots)

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  • EDIT: Its finally out guys!!

    Ok guys I really worked on this game to make it vry fun. Its a 2D shooter with a cool plot twisting storyline to it. I worked really hard to make sure the gameplay was smooth and enjoyable.

    On the arcade https://www.scirra.com/arcade/adventure ... ndead-7999

    https://play.google.com/store/apps/deta ... ion.undead

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  • Ok a major change to the project , got a script going on and a new simpler graphics style but catchy. This game will probably take me a while to make but I will keep you posted and definitely give you more screenshots...plus a little more storyline to wet the appetite . Iam really excited the graphics minght not be console like but the storyline and gameplay will surely be console like.

  • Nice stuff; does the game-play revolve around fighting enemies or platforming?

  • I just uploaded a couple of screenshots I'am probably around %75 done with building the engine for the game, the grunt work. As for the project in total I'am around %30 done in 2 weeks of work. Progress should be faster once I finish the grunt work.

    I did run into of course small coding problems here and there but nothing too major.

  • PixelPower it looks really nice, I can't wait to play it!

  • PixelPower it looks really nice, I can't wait to play it!

    Got to test on my device and it runs perfectly!! Construct2 really works well and handles what you throw at it pretty good. I even got a level where enemies spawning left and right, bullets flying, and I'am escorting a NPC character thats moving on its own....No slowdown!! That goes to show if you program right Construct2 can handle a lot at once.

  • Got to test it on my device I uploaded a video of the 1st boss fight, video taken from my android device


  • Got a rare chance to work on the game all day. Today I got a lot done but one thing is bothering me. I made the story tight and exciting so before every mission you get a cut scene telling more of the story. The problem is the game length is short not like the super long games you see in the appstore. I 'am trying to decide whether to rock out with what I have or tack on a bigger plot to my story and pump out more levels.

    This is the catch 22 thats killing me at the moment.

    Also what getting at me is lack of excitement for the game. I posted on other forum and video on youtube. Got a couple hundred views in the forums but only 25-30 on youtube. I put a lot into this game, its carefully crafted with attention to every detail to make game experience perfect while someone is playing it. I hope its enough to get looked at .

  • Tthe gameplay is solid, the storyline is excellent and its a fantastic game. Right now Iam just praying that whoever test it gives the game the go ahead to be featured. The game came out solid so now just waiting for it to appear on googleplay.

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