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  • Hey everyone, i'm here to post about my online social game, Online Commune.

    Online commune is about establishing a commune with your friends or strangers. Perform roles, be creative, and play games as a team. Interaction earns social currency, that will unlock new things to do and play!

    Currently it's very early in alpha. You can create and join rooms to chat, and the recent addition of home editing. Register and play on the games section of my website It works in any device with a web browser. I'll be on home room "Federation" if you want to stop by and say hi. 8)

  • Back with alpha 0.10.5. I released a 0.10 yesterday and forgot to update here, but it allows you to color your tiles. In this .5 i fixed an issue when you error on creating or joining a home.

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  • Online Commune alpha 0.11 is out. Walls are now implemented, and new tools added to edit mode for easier user experience in floor tile adding, wall adding, and wall erasing.

    Register and play at in the games section.

  • Online Commune alpha v0.13 is out today. In this version, you can now save your home maps. Just open the editor and on the bottom left there is a usb drive(save) and folder (load) icons.

    Check it out in action.

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