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  • Hi everyone, here's my another project.

    Tower Defense type game. Player task is to stop all the monsters before they get to the exit. Condition of winning is to get 500 points before the expiration time.

    The game is in a very early stage. A lot needs to be improved so please leave a comment or post.


  • UPDATE 1.0.3


    I have few things improved.

    Improved graphics - again.

    Enemy does not attack, but goes straight to the door. Controlling the mouse changes the direction of the player. And other ...

    Please leave a comment, write what I need to improve, what to add. Each suggestion will be heard. Thanks and have a nice play.

  • We can't actually use your link, as you're reputation points are too low; and the edit shortens your URL so we can't even copy and paste it, until your reputation points are high enough I recommend using a link shortener and just pasting the raw url so we can paste it into your browsers.

  • Update 1.0.6

    Another update.

    Reworked the game menu.

    Added new fonts to the menu.

    Changed a few things and a few added...


  • Update 1.0.7 ready

    I have rebuilt the level, now is the exit portal in to the middle level. Portals are two on the right and left sides. New opponent, who shoots. And a few other things ...

    I want to report the game to a weekly contest on Kongregate.

    If I win money, I buy a license for Construct 2. But it is rather impossible.

    I need more comments to improve the game.

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  • Hi i sent link to my game video on youtube

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