One Man's Sky

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  • Long ago my last game project with C2 (too much business work ) - but now it's time to have fun...

    Inspired from the well known game 'No Man's Sky' i try to make a 2D (toon) version - not the same - but sort of...

    Here are some early screens and (continous) the most current version to play with (there is always somthing new to play ) (refresh the cache (press ctrl+F5 several times or clear the browsers chache) for new features of v #0.75)

    Here is the exe (win32) version to download:


  • Updated...

    Two new features:

    The life form scanner - analyses (and catalog) the different life forms

    black holes - pushing you to a new galaxy (if you have the technology)

    ...and some minor changes (menu background, control info, ...)


  • It actually looks pretty interesting, keep us posted. However, I recommend making the character shoot to the direction of where the mouse is, ore at least to the side of the screen the mouse is on. It's a little difficult to dodge the oncoming enemies and shoot at them at the same time.

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  • Very impressive concept and execution! temple1997 has a good suggestion regarding letting the player shoot toward the position of the mouse. There are a lot of enemies right now to shoot and dodge.

    How far will you take your game? Will you have world with enemies with more complex behaviors (not moving left or right)? Some comments/feedback:

    • I think you should pick less over the top music and even have them change by layout.

    -I guess you know this but the planet I land on is not the same planet I take off from and land on again. Sometimes I'll take off from a planet and spawn in the middle of space. It would help atmosphere if that were fixed.

    Can you talk a little about your process for procedurally generating your planets? I noticed that some planets had the same background with only with some sort of color overlay as differences. I think that's one pretty cool way to handle procedural generation!

    You should take a look at this tutorial if you haven't already! It has an example capx on how to make sprites with randomly generated hair, weapons, clothing, etc. Could help you make a variety of different wildlife with wings, tentacles, any number of legs, weird torsos and so much more!! Keep up the good work, this is really interesting!

    edit: forgot the link! ... eapons-etc

  • Thank you for the friendly reply and the suggestions so far!

    The mouse position related shoot direction is good - so i already implemented it. But i kept the pure cursor key version (change it with CAPS LOCK).

    Here the story (so far) and some background informations about the game project...


    Evil aliens came down to earth and stole the worthy ???????.

    So we start a mission to find this alien to bring back the ??????? - and for revenge .

    You are one of the heroes aquipped with the best space ship we have, a laser gun und an alien-scanner to detect the evil aliens.

    Your job is to find and eliminate them and bring back ??????!

    The gameplay:

    You travel from planet to planet and (later) from galaxy to galaxy searching the evil aliens.

    And you will meet a lot of different life forms.

    On your way you find *** alie******************************ogy (collect to upgra********** to pass *******************ies. (sorry bad connection )

    The more life forms you scan the better get your armour and weapons... you will need it to fight the final evil



    I keep you updated with the newest version of the game here in the first post... (and other stuff)

    Hope you like it - it makes a lot of fun to create this game.


    Updates v0.50:

    • control changed
    • new alien sprites
    • asteroids like gameplay in space (attacking ufos will follow)
    • new energy ressourced (barrels) (green)
    • shield system (incl. ressources / violet)
    • harmless up to attacking aliens
    • a helmet for the hero!

    Inside informations:

    The most artwork is from Bevouliin (see credits) - i'm a coder not an artist.

    So i have to use these sprites (and i like them).

    And yes - there are a lot of different aliens (air, ground and liquid) ~ 130 and other cool stuff.

    And this meight become a problem: the size of the game. (firefox have already problems with animations)

    So better use Chrome oder IE.

    The music meight be upgraded, but sounds are also very memory consuming - so i will see...

    The procedurally generation is an ongoing progress (thats why i create the game).

    Currently i change the planets environment/color/behavior similar to the planets in space.

    Aliens type, behavior, strength, ... will go with the planets environment.

    And (for the gameplay) it will get more difficult of cause. (less new life forms, big opponents, hard space fights, ...)

    And last but not least: you can't die in this game. It will just take more (much more) time to win...


  • SPACE FIGHT! (Asteroids style)

    The space fight system is now playable! (v0.52)

    You can shoot any small object to collect energy/shield (yes - we have now a shield system (target following on short distances)

    The enemy ships are up to now stupid (but they will get a better AI later on).

    (Rockets will be availabe later in the game (if you've found the according ship enhancement) but actual it's a sand box so you can play with them right now.)

    I also reduced the sprite resolution and removed (for now) the music...

    This way the game loads faster.


  • So, you sent me on a quest to find "alien technology," I see some aliens, I shoot them down, I grab a piece of floating technology... and I won't spoil what it is, except to say that it doesn't let you through the black hole. This is one of the greatest games ever.

    Three suggestions:

    1-When the ship lands, the astronaut spawns directly above it. I had problems with getting in and out of the ship repeatedly by accident. Can you find a way to fix this, maybe disabling the controls after the astronaut spawns until the down key is released or another key is pressed?

    2-I would wrap the edges of the planets and space so you keep traveling infinitely.

    3-If you want to, you can make the planets persistent pretty easily. Just give your ship and every planet the "persist" behavior. If you went that route, you would also need to make sure your planet-spawning logic only runs the first time.

    Wonderful game, thanks for making it!

  • Eh, Steve!

    the point with the permanent landing, exiting, starting, landing, and so on I already have in my mind.

    There are shure some users can't lift the finger at the right time

    I think i will change this soon. (fixed - i changed the warp borders)

    And warping in space was lost with changing the controls in space to mouse.

    I have an idea how i can combine both - will se if it works...

    The random planet where already mentioned, but i leave it like it is.

    This is not important for the gameplay when finished...

    If you'll have some more ideas, or see some other bugs - I'll really appreciate, if you let me know


  • Oh what a weekend

    I worked hard on my game and can show you some new features:

    - the enemy space ships now have behaviors (each can seperate and combined set):

    * follow player

    * shoot slow (at player)

    * shoot fast

    * defend rockets

    * defend rockets fast

    * dodge

    * flee after hit

    (currently the enemy space ships are weak (and the behaviors are mostly disabled) - but just for the beginning)

    - new music (menu, space, planets[changing]), a lot of more sounds and ambient sounds for the planets

    - wether conditions for the planets (e.g. temperature, wind, heat, ice, acid)

    - now 16 different alien types with 6 different behaviors (more to come of cause, and getting more aggressive during gameplay)

    (each planets lifeform count is set to 1..5 max, each galaxy just have a fixed number of different aliens, so chaning the galaxy will show new aliens)

    - hidden upgrades for the player (shields for each wether condition) and a beamer to go back immediately to the space ship.

    (you just have to find them on the planets)

    Last but not least i added a new type of control (the Xmode). If activated you can play the game only with the mouse.

    The game becomes bigger in size - so i put an exe verion on the server (link in the first post).


    // the game is not balanced so far!

  • But will you able to play with your friends? Will there be multiplayer?

  • what a waste of time...

  • New update (v.0.75)

    +The alien ships and the aliens on the planets now have a health.

    Different aliens have different health attributes so some are weak and easy to kill other are stronger.

    (later in the game they get realy strong - but you have the chance to find upgrades for armor and weapons on the planets and you will get a better ship while the gameplay)

    +Laser and rockets have also different destruction values. You have to shoot several times with the laser to smash a space ship.

    +The players ship now have an acceleration value and if the energy is low (<10%) the engine get overheated and run with only 40% (slow). You have to recharge on a planet or collect energy parts to cool the engine down.

    +Even more sounds added

    +now there is a 10% chance to visit planet without lifeforms.

    +Savegame system optimized

    +A banana and lemon planet added...


  • Looking good so far. Nice to see you make some good progress. Very interesting project for me because I'm also doing a space game right now

    Keep it up

  • I have tried it, it's like a not serious game made with serious.

    I really like the different planets parameters, the wind, the temperature, the toxic effects. Combined with items you can find, I found a vest with better resistance to the cold.

    I had an experience on a planet where I couldn't get back to my ship cause of the wind, I slided from right edge to left edge to get back in my ship. This was fun.

    The transition effect space/planet is nice.

    There was some little bugs but I don't renember all of them. The one that made me quit the game = I was unable to get back in space with my ship.

    I don't really like the enemies look and behaviors, they all fly around quickly except some giant heads who jump from the ground.

    You could highlight the ressources to pick up, at first I didn't know what to collect on the ground.

    Keep up the good work.

  • Wow - thank you for your (both) nice words!

    Today i worked on the next level (the alien space ship you need to travel through black holes, the hyper balls [also for black hole travel]) and added some of the level2-aliens (with new behaviors )

    I think i will not show you the game at this stage to keep you some surprises (and i add some funny things )

    So i will upload the next version if i finished the level2 (and the games starts again at the beginning).

    You should have the chance for all the fun of the gameplay not jumping to the end of the game...


    ok, here's the alien space ship sprite so far....

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