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This is a puzzle game about farms and farm animals suitable for kids.
  • Hello, I'm here to present my WIP, old, dusted, and going game.

    The game is about an Alien invasion, and they are stealing your critters. Defend your farm and do your revenge against them in this little and short game made with much love and passion.

    First Screens and prototypes are here:

    And the new looking after replacing some of the placeholders and exchanging the gameplay:

    I believe the game will be finished and polished in a week, so, stay tuned!

  • Looking good! What's the gameplay?

  • Updated:

    It's a type of platform game where you'll control a boy to defend the farm from alien thieves, pursuing them later and destroying the mother ship.

    The stages of the game is fast, short, but you'll be able to upgrade and earn many achievements.

  • looking slick! I like the effort you put into the animated sprites.

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  • Yes it looks really nice !!!

  • Thank you.

    I have updated the demo in Arcade.

  • Hey, this has many great aspects, the visuals, the concept, i like it.

    A few thoughts perhaps:

    • Everything is tiny, resolutionwise. Also, actual gameplay happens at the bottom of the portrait format, tons of unused screenspace. Why is this not in landscape format?
    • Shooting - your central gameplay element - feels unsatisfying. No hit-effects on enemies, no recoil on me, no throwback of enemies, no screenshake; missed opportunities!
    • The above point is topped by the limited range of the shotgun. Can't it at least do a little damage outside the core range?
    • Not sure, but enemies seemingy kept disappearing, into the cornfields perhaps? Or just lazy and delayed deaths?
    • Manual reload could be nice, then the enraging reload pause would at least feel like my fault not a punishing mechanic.

    Hope I'm not sounding too negative, just being brief.

    Overall I believe it's pretty good, just some unused potential IMO!

  • I see your points. I'm waiting to introduce a molotov cocktail, but, manual reload can be a nice mechanic, maybe I do it with the left button for each bullet (using it right now to advance stages in this beta). About the shotgun range, I'll take a look to watch into it later.

    Later I'll implement some death animations, GFX and reactions.

    The portrait format is because of two things, first, game art, second, the space stages, when he launch the rocket and reach the mothership in space, this stage will be the main part of the game.

    I was expecting to use parallax in the background with 3 to 4 layers, but for a reason I don't know exactly, it's working only in the horizontal, while jumping don't move the background at all =(

    Noticed it working when the player is far from the bottom, but it will affect the screen. I'm thinking in use a Scroll To on an invisible object upper and see what happen, something like a hack.

    Thank you for the feedback, I was waiting for it.

    Edited: the parallax problem was solved using math =D

    What about the shotgun shot a bunch of spheres two time far from the actual range? But when shot, it's direction will be keep, different from the actual system with the smoke.

    Updated: Death animations and sound effects.

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