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  • Hi !

    Here is a screenshot of my game in progress, which doesn't have a name yet.

    Everything will be happening on this very screen, maps, waves, upgrades, etc...

    There will be a campaign, a loot system, an upgrade system, a new game+ and a new game ++ with infinite mode system, an experience bar system for your "character" (which is not on the screen directly) which levels up and gain perks, spells, boss monsters......


    My 2 biggest problems are :

    1- I never used construct 2 before, so Ill have to learn a metric load of information before I can do anything

    2- I have exactly ZERO talent in drawing, which means I have to take my sprites and everything visual from internet, and this could mean copyright issues if I end up picking something protected without knowing it.

    But anyway ! I'm on it, it's tons of fun, and Hopefully I'll be capable of finishing it one day, and release it on Kongregate or Steam !


    Any feedback so far, even if this "game" is literally nothing yet ?


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  • Screens looks interesting...

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