Nitro Racing, Epic Drag Racing Game Coming Soon for Android

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  • Nitro Racing is a new drag racing game coming soon for Android and IOS. The expected release date of the game is April 30th, i'll make another post then. Here is some of the following features of the game. (Ignore anything saying I can't upload photos, they're at the bottom.

    3 challenging campaign missions, win prize cars

    11 awesome and unique cars (around 20 total but only 11 in shop)

    Easy, medium, and hard levels

    Tours around the world with huge prizes

    Career Mode (Possibly, may release it on the 1st update)

    The playable build of the game is almost complete, but the graphics aren't worked on too much yet so I'm not gonna release any pictures. I will release some screenshots in the comments and possibly a video later, but I'm just going to discuss the game for now.

    The game will be free, and no annoying ads. But there will be IAP's.

    Here is the storyline of the game: You are a racer looking for a career in drag racing. You don't have much money, so you have to start small. You can buy new cars and compete in bigger races as the game goes on. Here's some info on each game mode.

    Easy/Medium/Hard: Just as it sounds, like in most drag racing games.

    Campaign/Missions: Each mission has multiple parts such as tournaments, test racing cars, racing in proffesional, and more! You can win prize cars after winning certain missions.

    World Tours: You are going around the world racing other pro racers for huge payouts. Races include tournaments, single races, series, and more!

    Career: You are racing as a pro drag racer in regular season mode and the playoffs. This may or may not be added right away.

    Here is some of the features i plan to add in the future.

    Multiplayer (Real time & Tournaments)

    Crews (that will help you win races)

    Minigames (Such as Backwards Racing or Jackpot Machines for extra gold)

    I will release some images by April 7th, just wanted to notify you guys on the game and get your opinions! Sorry for any bad English. Check the first comment for updates on the game and photos.


    Decided to add some early images, might as well. They're not perfect yet, just the prototype images.




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