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  • Hello fellow constructors...

    So, I started making a new game a few days ago, and so far i sort of have a simple fun game play.... you jump around planets collecting coins and try avoid suffocating in the cold empty space (in short) - thats all very well... The problem is I can't decide which direction to take the actual game progression and that's where you guys come in.

    So far i see two approaches,

    1: make it a level divided action/puzzler where you have to find you way across the galaxy from point A to B ... perhaps with the need to collect certain items on the way.

    2: the infamous endless runner approach.... procedurally create planets, hazzards and so on - trying to visit as many planets as possible before inevitable ending up in cold oxygen depraved grave.

    what would you prefer??? any brilliant ideas are more than welcome

    game is playable on both mobile and desktop

    tap to jump ... tap som more for endless double jump

    tap( jump) + swipe to dash in swipe direction

    run out of 02 and die (just refresh page to go again)

    uhh and her's a link


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