My newest game fo Scirra Arcade

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  • Hello everybody, I am making a call to take a look at the game that made and posted on Scirra Arcade portal, if they like do not hesitate to leave a comment.

    If they want .capx file just ask me.

    The game link is this, paste in front of scirra .com domain:




    Is being tested yet, because I think that might be a problem with the audio, I realized that this is only happening in Scirra Arcade portal.

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  • Seems it's happening just loading the first time.

    Nice game by the way : )

  • The idea is good. It's a nice demo that could become something more with more levels and harder levels. I think some calmer/relaxed music would fit better. I also had some troubles with the controls (found out it works best with clicking at the bottom of the bottles somehow). Should be some indicator that you clicked a bottle. Not sure if I see the point in the save/load function.

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