Newbie Game Programmer wants feedback! :)

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  • Hi all,

    This is my first game ever. Please give me your feedback. I am still working on graphics and more options to the game.

    Go to the following link and click on "Play Online". User arrow keys to move the car or use the buttons on the screen. Test it on your phones and let me know your feedback.



  • The is simple and nice but the distance between line of car and other line of car is bit close.

    second check collision if its in box change that to exact car outline

    third please put restart button

    rest is good so far! keep working on the game. Increase the height of the window and layout also increase speed of the car, will be more fun to play.

  • Thank you for your feedback. I am working on the restart button. I'll fix the collision and space between cars.

    I am sorry. I didn't understand what you meant by increase height of the window.

    Thank you!


  • I meant window height and layout height! on project propertites

  • Everything has been updated now. Except for share and tweet button, everything else including high score should work.

    Awaiting feedback from few people

  • Well, I'll make a couple comments.

    Nearly all of my crashes were because I hit a car that had passed already. It just seemed a bit awkward watching the car and seeing that it goes all the way off the screen before moving. Perhaps this is because it is too close to the bottom. I'm not sure. It could just be because I lack patience though.

    Also, I hope you are planning on adding some animations to the road/environment. It looks like the car is just sitting there.

    Well anyway, I hope that helps.

  • Thank you! that was helpful. I'll move the car little bit ahead and then add some animation to the road.

    Thank you for taking time to comment!

  • I have moved the car forward and animated the road... but looks like it makes you feel dizzy.

    Comments please!

    Note: Remember to refresh the page if you have already played the game before.

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  • First impression:




    -I think MAYBE the collision on the back of PLAYERS car should be a little more forgiving, at least starting out. Most of my deaths on my first few matches were from switching lanes when I thought I was safe, but the back of my car hits the front of the passing car. I thought I was safe, that's why I turned! I think new players will have the same problem on the first 3 games and get immediately frustrated. But after 2-3 games I got used to it and from then on, my next 10 games and losses were from legitimate crashes into vehicles. So yeah, maybe a slight modification, or perhaps it's not worth it.

    -The arrows on the title screen seem like they would do something, but they don't.

    -I think a switching lanes animation will take the game to the next level and have it on par with the quality of the UI. I imagine something like [on left= change angle 88, wait 0.05, change angle 86, wait 0.05, change angle 84, ect. ect. until you reach 70 or 75. You could also do increments of 5 for less smooth animation. but importantly at the end of that series adjust it back to strait up 90, but IT HAS TO BE at a faster rate. So as a result of all that, your car ends up with what can be described as a 'Swurve' or 'quick turn' animation. I'm still a noob, but that's how I would do it. It's just a quick smooth SUBTLE animation but it adds to the polish, and your game is no longer 'Press left to TELEPORT into the next lane' -Another subtle animation to trigger on either only the player car OR both the player car and the car that was wrecked into. I would simply take the sprite into photoshop and make 3 or more iterations. First slightly damaged, second more crunched, 3rd destroyed. So together it becomes a little animation. To have the crunching effect maybe you can add 'cracks' to the car at 50% translucency and skew and resize the front of the car to make it more and more 'flat' for each frame and the end frame your car is 60% of it's normal size since it's crunched up from crashing. So you make the animaton trigger in Construct, and just add 'wait 0.5' seconds before destroying both sprites and maybe another 'wait' before making the explosion happen. Anyway, cool game. I think we have something in common that we both have those clean UI skills before any game making even comes into play.

  • Thank you so much for the feed back.

    I have moved the car a little bit forward and also added a smooth transfer when changing lanes. Other than than that I kept the left and right buttons on the title screen because it also has the best and the score in there.

    As far as the graphics, there is another guy who is helping me. I have zero knowledge about Photoshop. I have to pay him to get this done. So adding an animation when the car crashes cannot be done now. I can may be do it in the next version. Anyways your feed back was great!

    Please take a look now. Remember to refresh the page.

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