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  • Hello there.

    WIP this is beginning to take shape.

    Mainly I changed the some stuffs, as the control player, now he has a standard speed, can picking up objects or enemies an throw them.

    Key arrows to move, 'S' to jump and 'A' to pick up and throw objects.

    Have fun!?


  • It's nice!

    Here's a list of thing I saw (you probably know most of them already but anyway I don't know what kind of feedbacks you want ^^ ):

    I feel like it's a bit slow, but it depends on the type of game it will be, could be cool like this at the end.

    I like the thing like, "if you press the down arrow while you jump you can kill the enemies, Otherwise they'll just be stunned" it can be interesting

    The pause menu is weird, you can still move (there's still the annimation) so it feels like the game is broken if you press the space bar by accident. But I guess you know that already

    You have a little collison polygon problem with enemies I think (see the picture I linked)

    By the way the provisional (I guess lol) animation for explosion made me laugh so much, ahah :p

    It's nice anyway, looks good! Keep goin :')

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  • Hey, the game feels way better than it used to. The animations are promising and the level design feels more organic than last time. So, in all, great improvement.

    Also, you could just start a devlog and post all your updates in the same thread. No need to start a new one each time

  • Thank you so much regisRquoi, and yeah I knew that things about as the mask collision and the space key in my game, but I am glad about this : [quote:1xudh5gw]if you press the down arrow while you jump you can kill the enemies, Otherwise they'll just be stunned

    because I was not sure about this behavior I was thinking giving up it, but now I thinks that would be great!!

    And I thanks alvarop the graphic designing of game going to go changing and upgrading continuously . I hope, I show you guys something else soon, btw I am not knew I no need to start a new thread every time, thanks for this info as well


    and also I would like see or know about your game projects guys!

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