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    This is a link to what I am working on so far.

    I am worrying more about the gameplay and over all enjoyment more than the story, setting, art, music, or theme of the game right now.

    I am leaving my options open on those, because I am looking for help with the art.

    I feel the Artist should have more say on the setting and theme since he/she will be creating it.

    So all my current art in the game is just temporary, until I can replace them.

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

  • Think the guy looks cool.

    Like the dash feature and wish that was also an attack.

    Like the jumping with jumping forward and also back in a jump.

    Just dislike to use the direction arrows. I like the mouse or WASD controls with spacebar for jump or fire.

    A lot of the game is it's theme, it's story and what it looks like. To say you have great controls without anything else is like owning a Ferrari steering wheel, and yet, no Ferrari. I'd work out the whole game story first and foremost, but I understand if you are just practicing learning how to use C2.

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  • I am following one of Nintendo's approach in game development. Where you worry about making a fun game then you build your story and theme around it so that you do not limit your gameplay by forcing a theme on it. The story and theme are not a hard thing for me to come up with I have tons of ideas, but I am very open to how this game will be.

    The guy in it is Zero from Mega Man so he will not be the main character.Making the dash an attack could be done. It something I would need to play test to see how it works and if it is balanced with the game.

    Also the controls could easily be changed and or added.

    I could easily make it WASD for movement and right/left mouse for shoot and dash. More things that I'll need feedback on and play tests to determine what it will in up as.

    Thank you so much for your feedback it is very helpful.

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